Homeowner seeking advice regarding roof

We are in the process of buying a 60’s modern house in the NYC area. it has three sections of roof–uphill flat section (original built up roof shown below), a peaked middle section that has what I think is coated torchdown (or membrane?), and a third section that has the same material, with no reflective coating.

  1. Uphill section clearly needs redoing (see pics)–my question is, what type of material would be best if I want to preserve the look, including replacing the copper flashings and through-deck roof drains & tight to wall downspouts (see pics).

  2. center section–homeowner has informed us that this section is 4 yrs old, and that the roof deck was replaced when it was redone. Essentially it was catastrophic maintenance–the roof was leaking in multiple places.
    I’m most concened about the transition between the uphill section and the beginning of this section. Detail (see pic) shows the quality of repair, water is now just spilling over the back fascia where there is no flashing, like this section of the front. It looks as if they simply ran multiple layers of the membrane up the wall of the uphill section, with no flashing.

Both new sections are flashed with a simple aluminium one piece (?), unlike the orginial which was (I think) a two part flashing.

  1. Bottom section–this had a new roof deck installed, same material as center section, and a through-parapet ugly gutter box installed, but has ponding–apparently the roofers forgot water only runs downhill if you get some drop on the membrane. So the ugly gutter boxes are doing nothing. For this section, I’m wondering how long it will last if I take no corrective action, or should I bite the bullet and do this section as well? Would the only way to correct the slope problem be to redo the roof deck again?


Granulated torch applied Modified bitumen.
It is available in many different colors and is very durable

Burnt sienna would look nice on that house.

a tobbaco brown sarnafil pvc roof would work too

We did a Guest House identical to this for a customer.
We tore-off the existing roofing down to the steel rafters, installed a Painted Tongue-grove ceiling and insulation,roofed with Standing seam Roof System- Metal Roofing in Charcoal Gray and fascia accessories. It was time consuming, but great finished look.