Homeowner with concerns on roof labor warranty

Had a new roof installed (including new plywood) back in 2002. My husband noticed several pops in the roof last year and many more this year. We contacted roof co who installed the roof. We have a 10 yr labor warranty.

Co sent a roofer & he told my husband that he had been back on many repairs similar to ours by the same guy who installed our roof. Said it would take a good full day to do repairs. Set up a date to do repairs & roofer cancelled. Next thing, owner of roof co & original guy who installed our roof showed up.

Unfortunately, I don’t know all the technical terms, but my husband was leery about how this guy was going to do the repairs to the 20 or so pops we have on the roof, as he downplayed the pops & his idea for repairs different from other roofer company sent out. Husband didn’t tell owner or orignal guy who did the roof what the other roofer from their company told him about how he had been on many repairs from improperly installed roofs that this guy did. Guess the plywood was placed to tightly together and many nails didn’t hit the studs (or trusses?? don’t know technical term).

We only have 3 yrs left on roof labor warranty & are grateful this co still in business! We were thinking of paying another roof co to come out and inspect the roof to give their opinion on the condition and repair of our roof. Estimates are around $175-$200 to do this. We are not happy that the original roofer is coming back to repair his work. Worried he won’t repair correctly and we’ll have problems down the road again. We paid a little under $9000 for the roof.
My husband has gone up in the attic and has many photos of the areas, as well as photos of the roof pops. I appreciate any suggestions anyone can offer!

Post pics please. Are these nail pops? (roofing nail under driven and lifting shingle),or sheeting lifting up where it is not nailed to rafter?If it is the second,I would request that the entire slope be removed,plywood be nailed properly(nails that missed rafters be removed),and re-shingled.
Either way,I would request that the company send out another roofer to repair.If this is an Architectural shingle roof,the repairs are going to be more difficult because of sealing.If new shingles are required for repair,color will not match,and that is why I suggested the above.
I know a company that had many problems just like this,and are still in bus. 20+yrs. later,w/same problems and worse today.
Good luck!

Thank you. They are architectural shingles. We are having another contractor out ($175 inspection fee and report) to view the roof and give his opinion. We need some education before this roofing company comes out to repair (do not want the same roofer repairing his work!) I do know what my husband showed me was nails that were not nailed to the rafter (I called it a stud.)

I will post photos later tonight.

Thank you!

I would really be interested in knowing the roofing company that did the roof. Private message me if you don’t mind.

Why did the 2nd roofer that was supposed to do the work cancel? Were you intending on paying the 2nd roofer to fix the 1st roofer’s mistakes?

I’m on the side of the 3rd roofer in regards to charging for the inspected. I’d do the same thing.

That is the problem with hiring roofing companies who use subcontractors. You never know who will come back, if anyone at all.

Grumpy, when we originally called back the company that installed the roof, they sent one of their roofers to come look at it. He was the one who told my husband that he had been on many roofs that worker “x” (a worker from his company) had completed and had this popping problem. He scheduled a day to come out and then cancelled. Next thing we know, the owner (drove up in a Lexus and was an older gentleman) came out and then pulled up the original roofer “x” who did our roof. We have no problem paying another roofing company the money to come out and inspect it and give his opinion. What is concerning us is that the first guy that came out after we called explained to my husband how he’d repair it and then when the owner showed up with the original worker (worker “x”) & he gave a different scenerio on how he’d repair it. We just want it repaired correctly!

We made sure they were licensed/bonded/insured when the did the work. We checked the BBB website. Checked other roofs this company did. I thought we did everything right 7 yrs ago!

I appreciate your suggestions very much…


Do not get too worked up.

The company is honoring his word. He is going to fix his mistakes.

The man who installed the roof should fix his own mistakes.

I would imagine if this roofer is still working for the company he has learned from his mistakes.

175 to 200 is cheap as tits :mrgreen:

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Above are a few photos from our roof.



Looks like who ever nailed down that plywood missed the rafters with many of their nails. It might not have been the roofer, maybe the original carpenter. What concerns me more is the rusted nails which is a sign of moisture, probably condensate, in the attic. Might be a ventilation problem.

I didn’t see any nail pops on the roofing photos, I do see some sagging and buckling of plywood however. This might not be the roofer’s fault at all unless he was the one who changed the plywood.

I’m still interested in the name of this roofing company. :slight_smile:


This is why I say that in all reality people really do not care about how their roofs are done or how they look until something isnt right. This roof has been done for 7 years and now all of a sudden they arent happy with it. Did it really take 7 years to find this stuff out? How do you know the nails in the plywood missed their studs only after the roof was done? Do you know for a fact it wasnt like that before? Plywood pops just dont “show up” one random day. In my experience you may be able to see it the same day the roof is done if it was something caused by a roofer.

I dunno.

I have seen roofs done by others,and sometimes you can’t see problems right away.Sometimes it will not show till the shingles lay down flat,and fully seal. Ever finished a rood(cooler day),and told h.o. that it may take a day or so in the sun for shingles to flatten and seal?
I know what you are saying though,I have seen roofs by others slowly show signs of decking problems,and sometimes it is not for a few yrs. Typically 3-5 in my exp. anyway.
At least the company is available to fix…Whew!

What was the repair technique he proposed that you didn’t like.

One more thing the insulation is blocking the air intake from the over hangs. That’ll probably answer the rusty nail issue. It looks like you have a ridge vent, and if you have ridge vent without no intake then you really have no vent. www.rollvent.com

I hate to see these unlicensed roofing hacks taking away work from professional licensed roofing contractors. :x

Ok, I just have to say that you posted 2 pics each with 2 nails missing a rafter. This is no big deal. Period. If they renailed the entire deck and this is their biggest offense then I give them Kudos. It takes an experienced feel for a nail gun to know if you hit or missed, and I miss sometimes. Then I shoot one more nail next to it. That nail may be there. Even if it is you wouldn’t see it.

That one big hump in the roof. If that is buckled or loose decking you would be able to see it from the inside. Thats a big hump. It could be a crowned rafter. It may have always been there. Maybe you didn’t notice before, and the nail pops caused you started looking for things.

The nails sure look to be rusty. I would ask him about this.