Homeowners! Dont do this!

Dont Leave yard debris on your roof
Organisms grow, Ants live, vines and trees grow.
It ruins your roof immediately.
Clean your roof of all yard debris.
No excuse!!
Your roofer cant save you.
Roof must be clean and receive daylight every where.
If you have decided to let a forrest live above your house and no sun light gets in??
Dont expect your roof to last a reasonable time.


Second that roof lover. Also don’t let sattalite companies drill holes in your roof Anytime it can be avoided. If the dish is mounted to a wall is much less likely to leak.

True that MPA!
Yes, it is one of those places for the decking to rot out.
But Probably 80 percent of the time
I am able to replace the roof and remove and
re-install the satellite without issue.
If i cant, it is because it rotted underneath it.
Usually it seems the ones that are rotten underneath
Are the ones that are no longer used.

It was rotten all the way to the rake
On this roof under this Forrest.
Full ice and water shield self-adhered was used under here too.
So dont expect that to save you!!


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This gave me a great idea for a trellis for a grape vine… Just cut about an inch out of the downspout lengthwise, and then let the grape vine crawl up the inside of it, and along the edge of the roof. :slight_smile:

What about green roofs?