Hopefull for the new year/how to get gaf

I have been to this site from time to time mostly when we are slow… Well we are slow again and this brings me to the question, this is for the experianced owners or those with roofing advertising and sales experiance.Q=With 2 adds coming out in the yellowbook(end of may) a little word of mouth and a few (6) ests out there, people waiting till spring or better deals,does a new company have a chance in hell ? 1 add is under roofing and 1 under home Improovement…we are all legal,Insured, registered.I am staying in it for the long hall,I still have hope and am always doing something for the company,…Also how can I get gaf certified ? How do I meet the right people that will help with getting the work?builders? I admit, I do not have a reliable crew with the right amount of experiance,but as soon as I have enough work ,that will change.I can always find people that need work,laborers, just need work… As I stated in previous comments … anyway thanks…reply if needed…let it be known, no fly-by-night company here!!!So,mailing the estimates is not a good Idea?You cant always hand deliver the ests can you ?add I read one of the companys on this site do like 200 roofs a yr, one said 45, i hope things pick-up around here… I just want to work and earn a living…COUNTDOWN TILL SPRING BEGINS NOW,too long and who really gives a crap…

Ok tigman. Yes this time will be very slow. there is really nothing you can do but canvass and hope someone is ready for a roof and you are in the right place at the right time. I did read something in you post that is alarming, you can NEVER just drop an estimate off. That there is a major no no. When the customer is not there and we had an appointmnet, they do not get an estimate. They get my card in the mail boc and that is it. If they do not have the ability to meet me due to an emergency that is fine i understand that, but on the back of the card i write please give me a cll so i can come back out and go over the scope of work that is needed. If they are not there they do not deserve the estimate. Nor will they ever get it. Those are the people that are shopping price only and im not one of those contractors. Some times they will call back and want to meet sometimes not. No skin off my nose.

Getting certified thru gaf is really simple. Call the supplier ask who is the rep for this area and make an appointment with the number they give you. Be ready to write out a check for 2k or so last i checked into this. THere certification process is more a money thing and who do i write a check out to than what you know. Certainteed is all about what you know and does not want a check to prove you know what you are doing.

Meeting the right people takes time, money and the will to step out and expose yourself to all sorts of stuff. Going to the suppliers dinners you might meet a few people that can help you. Also going to see builders making meeting is how you can mmet them.

Its alot of hard work to get a company off the ground and you have to be ready to work very hard for what little work you will get. EMail me i have some stuff that might help you if you are willing to have a go get em additude.

Hi gtp1003,

Your comparison of GAF to Certianteed is blinded.

Getting certified is different then their premium package.

I might eb wrong im not a fan of GAF but what is the difference between them both. I dont see any? The only differences i have seen really is the small contracotr program that they offer. Nothing to the customer that i have seen. Dont get me wrong i have sold my fair share of GAF roofs but i really dont see any benifit from the gaf warranty. Looking at the standard warranty the only difference as of last year was GAF will not warranty any roof without ventilation where Certainteed will give you 10 years.

the GAF program i dont use for any warranty hardly unless i need to push harder on the sale or if im selling an “ultra”. the program cost is $400 for 2 years. and they will check your credentials, insurance, your personallity (if they think you are business savvy) and if there are other authorized roofers in the area they will check with them. the program has greatly benefited me with marketing tools and such. the certainteed programs (which i am also certified with) has only an online test to take. so, there is no money involved. but also anyone can do it. Geez my wife is certified with certainteed and all she knows about roofs are they are on top of the house, and " Oh, that ones pretty". Dont get me wrong i like the certainteed company and they have a good contractor program as well. i just question the credability of it as anyone can do it. i just dont like the shinlges compared to GAF. so i use gaf as my #1 seller and if the homeowner doesnt like the colors then i use certainteed.

i also as GTP said will never “leave a price” all estimates are face to face , and the price is not given before i spend at least 20 minutes explaining the roof system to them and giving them someback ground on my company and what sets me apart from the “trunk slammer”. my best advice would be just keep fighting, and it will never be easy.


All you have to do is get the customer to sign a waiver. The waiver says that they were offer ventilation and do not want it. They understand the effect that a lack of ventilation could have. If there is a shingle failure due to ventilation they will not be covered.

No big deal.

GAF gives you all the money back. So it does not cost you anything. Just a commitment. Yes, if you do not have the money you do not get in. I like that.

GAF didnt give me money back…but they have given me a few free roofs.