Hopelessly Seeking Honest Competent Roofer

What did you do for 2 hours on the garage roof with your wife?

Homeowners always pay promptly, it was the General Contractors that were the worst to squeeze money out of.

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Drop a lien on the property and advise the owner, his draws will stop.

It’s not that they don’t pay, they all do eventually.

Commercial/industrial pays with no problem. No fly by night roofers, either. Unless they have a 3 million umbrella insurance policy.

Thats what some home owner said so they can show that they can do it , thats not that hard so go cheap with me :laughing::wink:

Ah! The homeowners wife? Definitely looking for a discount!

Show a picture of the house for scrutiny

Things are no different here (northern Ontario). There are way more loser roofers than there are good ones. Trying to find a sub crew that give a damn about quality is nearly impossible. Reliability is almost non existent.

That’s why they’re sub crews.

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How much you pay per square and what else is paid.maybe it’s your fault by stiffing crews on cash.since I hooked up with honest gc,I never looked back and never in hurry either.i get paid generously and I deliver, easy as that.


I suspect that the “sub crews” you speak of are shinglers as opposed to roofers.

There is a distinct difference.

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Knock on any neighbor’s houses whose roof looks relatively new and ask them who they had do it. Some people said get a company with at least 10 years but if you don’t want any problems you should double that to 20 years, and when I say 20 years I mean 20 years in business, not some vague “20 years experience”.

Sad thing about roofing is all the people who are truly good roofing experts always move on to bigger things besides labor. What you need is a company with at least a competent foreman who knows about roofing and can properly instruct the newbies on how do do things like properly install step flashing and go around chimney crickets and create good long lasting valley systems.

What you don’t want is a company with an uninvolved foreman who just drops off a bunch 1099ers and leaves the job to go to another one.


We always pay top dollar. Have never ever burned anyone even a nickel and always pay immediately after the completion of the job. If the roof leaks later on we just deal with it. No use calling the sub to go fix it. They’ll never go. They only want the money and couldn’t care less about any warranty. They also cut every corner possible and steal any left over material. If we’re not there to monitor things they throw the vapor barrier and other things in their truck instead of installing it. They rarely tarp things properly if rain is coming and cause leaks. They do so many things to embarrass us that it’s hard to believe. They show up at 11 or 12:00 and leave the job 10 times throughout the day. They leave cigarettte butts and nails all over. Never clean the eavestroughs properly. Etc etc. I could go on but I’m sure these things sound familiar to you. So you are probably saying “find a better crew”. Well yeah we would. But I’m already describing the good crews. The bad crews have all these issues plus they can’t install two shingles square with each other, have even less of an idea about how to make watertight flashings around anything. They don’t own benders or magnets or even trucks. It’s lunacy. We also do commercial flat roofs so it wasn’t too difficult to just walk away from shingles. We’ll do the odd one but our own commercial crew does them ourselves. Perfect every time. F*%k subcontractors.


I hate you had trouble finding someone to roof your home and hope you don’t deal with it in the future on another project but I’m seeing that everyone you called declined the job and more often than not in my personal experience when Contractors all turn down the same job it’s most often not the contractors in question, it’s the owner either not wanting to pay for the job being requested or difficult to work with ie; argumentative or questioning the roofers recommended advice over and over. Not saying this was your situation but it’s a red flag to me if your requesting an estimate and learn that you have already contacted many other roofers whom declined before I’ve been asked.
I’d walk away same as your experience was if it appears to be more than meets the eye.
Again good luck 8n the future and hopefully you won’t have this problem again

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