Horizons suck

Every time I pull up on a job and see these shingles I see the same thing.

Ive seen the cracking happen within five years.

What is it with these shingles?

I like Certainteed Landmarks, but these things are junk!

Never liked the organic version, the fiberglass were tolerable, but did not hold up either.

The scammers made a bunch on hail damage claims on those and the other organics.

The new Horizons do that also.
I’ve never seen a leak because of it though.

Dont forget Hallmark (tiger stripe), Independence, and others that were organics. All have the same problem. Certainteed doesnt do much on warranty claims either. Just had a 6 year old Independence project (60 sq steep/cutup) and they offered homeowner 800.00!

there is a new facebook group all about certainteed and there not honoring warranty antics. there alright for a french owned company.