Hot Tar Roof Question

Hello Everybody,

I currently have a roofer replacing my entire roof. It is a hot tar flat roof. He removed the old roof a few days ago and began laying down the new roof yesterday.

Here’s my question: He only finished laying down half the roof yesterday. So, there’s half a roof completed and the other half is exposed wood. He said he’s going to return to finish the work in 2 days. Is this ok? Can he leave it half finished for days at a time? I’m just wondering if this can cause any problems down the line.

Thanks for your help,

Thats just not good roofing practice…leaving the roof open.

It is not like a pitched roof that will shed water if felt is properly applied.

There is nothing on it? Not even a base sheet mopped down? If it rains youre SOL.

i never and i mean never would leave any roof open overnight any where,anytime.i cant help but ask does this guy have insurance,bonding of any type?if it rains,snows or even morning dew will mess up your bldg.i would call himm and tell him this is unexceptable.sounds like you went with a cheap roofer rather than a reputable one.i have fired whole crews for this in the past.2 days is just plain nuts.

Aaron this one goes 30-1

Hi Roofboss,

I bet you $10 that the half he worked on is not done either.



hello playmaker,
do you play proffessional sports?

as far as leavin a roof open when you feel like theres no rain comin.

roofers do it all the time.
is it a good roofing practice? no.

does it happen sometimes? yes.

have i ever left a roof open? of course.

hopefully the roofer had a good reason to leave it open and he/she we’ll get it back on


id fire you on the spot if you left one of my roofs open

ditto gweedo. No open roofs, number one rule… no other rules come before this one.

I wouldn’t let you leave the site if it were my job. I’d have the contractor get some lights, more workmen, or whatever it took to get the roof dried-in. I dare anyone here to tell their insurance company that they leave roofs open over night! :mrgreen:

im an honest man , thats why i get alot of work.

peace out.

But Gweedo, don’t you agree that this is the number one thing you should be worried about? I’ve been sitting home yesterday and today because of the possiblility of rain. I’d checked the weather reports… weather channel (the most inaccurate forecast of new england) says no problem, no rain until 10pm last night. I went in to work 25 miles north and looked around and had a gut feeling, and refused to rip. I told the homeowner I thought the weather channel was wrong and that the rain would be there at about 3. They say fine, do what you think is right. After I got home, I kept thinking about a pipe that was temped in. I wanted to enjoy my day without conscience. So I drove 25 miles again and put on a pipe boot and finished that area. I finished at 3 oclock, right as it started pouring. If I fed into their pressure, I would have been sitting on a wide open roof at three o’clock with unhappy homeowners, a lawsuit on my hands, and the feeling of utter despair. Instead, I lose a days work. Big deal, better safe than sorry.

i never said it was a good idea to leave roofs open, only that i have done it before. im not proud of it.


never leave a roof open…i have never done it and never will…how do you explain that when you go to court???

courts not an option.