House become hotter after new roof

I found the house become hotter from first floor to third floor after new roof gets installed. Even in cool days. And in cool days, I get into my attic, it is even cooler there.

Is there anything I can have someone come to check? Or that is what it is?

Which was a lighter colored roof, the old roof or the new roof?

Check your thermostat

Did a tearoff with some deck work that had ductwork in the attic. Some of the ducts were dislodged and they were having interesting utility bills. It shouldn’t be cooler in the attic…

They pretty much stay the same color.

In previous summers, I don’t really need to turn on AC for my 1st floor. So it should not matter.

It could be a multitude of things causing your issue of which the least is the replacement of the roof. It’s common to blame the most recent project, in this case your roof, for a pre-existing condition you never paid much attention to before. Simple coincidence should not be ruled out.

" Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys." Emma Bull

Just a thought.

Most likely the new roof is blocking vents.

The roof has to be vented properly.

I know this answer was stated a few months ago but I’ve gotta ask, and I’ll try to be as polite as possible, but how would the new roof block the vents? Maybe I misread your statement and you meant something else but I’m just curious what you did mean by the roof blocking the vents?

Midsouth - do not bother asking him, he thinks he’s gods gift to roofing but doesn’t even roof. He is a nail tech… as in fingernails. He is just here for us to poke fun at.

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Lol I appreciate the heads up. Gotta love the expert in everything with a degree from YouTube type.