House power wire?

Is this a concern for getting electrocuted? I need to set up my ladders and pick just underneath and and I will be working around it and having to constantly step over it? Just wondering what you guys do in thes instances? Do I call the electric Co.?? Do they put a sleeve over it or something?/

I think its better to call electric company because without having the exact knowledge none can guid you exactly.

Are wires exposed?

You are referring to the your power pole projecting from your roof? the pipe itself is fine to touch and working around it is fine. i believe unless you grab or cut into the bunch of wires nothing will happen. I just try and not touch the wires them selves to avoid any issues. just be smart about it and youll be fine.

I set a fiberglass ladder up and wrap all the wires with EPDM. I just duct tape them in place after about 3 wraps. I keep 3’x2’ pcs. for the purpose.
Then I just set my scaffold up and go about my business.
Yes, they are often bare in places.

If the wires are bare, which is not common. You should definetly cover them with a piece of rubber. Usually the insulation on the wires is good and safe. Use some common sents and be safe you’ll be fine.

As long as the insulation is good you should be fine. I know that here in missouri you can have the electric company come out and put a line blanket on the lines. Which is at no charge, but if you where to accidently cause damage to the lines you will be charged for the repair of them. So it mite not be a bad idea to contact your local electric company.