How accurate are you with nails?

Do you guys try to hit the nail point directly on the nail line? I was thinking about going a little higher. I’m not talking about much. The bottom of the nail head will be touching the line. I guess it would be 1/8" to 1/4" above the line. It will still penetrate both shingles with meat still above the nail on the covered up shingle. Truthful answers would be appreciated.

“Truthful answers would be appreciated.”

I couldn’t tell ya. I used to just shut my mind off and put my body on auto pilot when I used to nail. Kind of have to, it’s the only way I know to deal with the heat/cold. I go to my happy place and my body does the work; I would compare it to fighting.

turn a shingle sideways and see where it is double ply…that is where your nail needs to be.

Thanks for letting me know. I over looked that area. Moving the nail up 1/4" would have been the worst possible place to put the nail. It would be better to high nail it then nail it in that area. The shingle has to level back out so there is a little gap where that double ply turns into single. Almost like a little triangle. Nailing it there probably would give little hold. I decided to put the nail point directly into the nail line. I hope I don’t get any capillary action problems :smiley: . I don’t like the idea but I don’t want to fail my inspection because I didn’t nail the shingle right. I have yet to see a roof that was nailed right on the line though, although I only looked at 3 roof. All of them were high nailed. I’m not sure how they passed inspection. My inspector told me to save a bundle wrapper so he could see the install instructions.

all my shingles are nailed right on the line…thats why it is there.

ditto marshalls first reply.

sounds like youd be better off hand nailin.