How do I get 50 years out of my roof?

Greetings Roofing Experts,
As most homeowners, I have a wish, to put a new roof that is affordable, looks good, and will last me 50 years. When I look at products such as CertainTeed Presidential and Presidential TL, the TL is about 30% heavier and pricier than the standard one. But some roofers say that either one will last only 30 years. I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t the heavier material last 30% more? I realize that there is not enough life data on these products yet, but what about a common sense?

You could probably come much closer to 50yrs with metal.What is your definition of an affordable 50yr roof?

Where are you located? State,climate,sand,ice,snow, extreme heat,extreme cold.What type of storms do you recieve? Hail,Tornados,High Velocity winds?How much of your house is covered by trees? So many variables come into play.I have seen some 25yr shingles that homeowners have professed to have been on 20+yrs.I have seen 30’s that look as if they were installed 20+yrs ago and only been 8.

I roofed 8 houses in florida 3 times from 2 hurricanes and a hailstorm within 6mos.

I replaced the same roofs in STL multiple times due to hailstorms within a 2 year span.

In 2009 I roofed the same house in Fair Grove Missouri 2 times from a tornado.

I roofed several homes twice in Joplin,Missouri in 3mos from a hailstorm.

I roofed my fathers house 2 times in St.Joesph Missouri from 2 hailstorms in 3 yrs.

I roofed multiple house on my street twice from 2007 to 2009 from an ice storm and a hailstorm.

I have roofed 26 house within 6 blocks of my front door and over 1/2 has been 2 times in 5 years.

So your climate and severe storm areas plays a very important role in the life of your roof system.

Roof Master is right all roofs will wear at different rates due to those factors. 50years for comp. roof is pushing it, I dont see it. Metal, Tile, Both with a good underlayment will come closer to 50 years.

Dam I hope I last 50 years more. :badgrin:

If you want a roof that will truly last 50+ yrs look at metal, slate, & tile.

If you’re not prepared to pay 3x the cost of asphalt or more don’t even waste your roofers time with it.

Don’t go for the new synthetic stuff either, nobody knows how long this new stuff will last.

Asphalt won’t last 50 yrs, asphalt is good for 20-30 yrs.

Standing seam 24 or 26 gauge GALVALUME not GALVANIZED or Aluminum panels. Even Decra I believe will last 50 yrs they have been selling it in europe for this long and it is proven. I do not see any 30 yr shingle making it 20-25 yrs. These are very expensive though… Just my 2 cents.

In addition to the information above, although the materials may last, the roof is only as good as the installation. Proper installation and flashing techniques, as well as regular maintenance and inspections, are required for a long lasting roof.

I will likely be hollered at for this, but I think there is a pretty good chance Certainteed Grand Manor will last 50 years. Properly vented, and as Dennis pointed out, installation is crucial, I think they will last close to that.

nothing will last that long with an electoplated galvinized nail. They start to rust out fairly quick. yes even concealed with salt air.

[quote=“shangle_nailer”] but I think there is a pretty good chance Certainteed Grand Manor will last 50 years.quote]

I tend to agree.[/quote]

The UV will break down a composition shingle , its just a matter of when. in the northeast it may go close to that with a GM if there very lucky, but I doubt it. They were more honest about warranties years ago. The flashings and fasteners are also a big factor.

If you are going to spend the money on a high end shingle, then you might as well spend the money on a metal roof. Asphalt is getting really close to the price of metal. O.C. Duration premium is almost the same price as a good standing seam roof. And most standing seam has a paint warrantie of 40 years and that is just on the paint that does not include the metal wearing away. You can probablly get 70 to 80 years out of a metal roof. You will never get an asphalt roof to last that long.

The tile roof can get me 50 years, IF I can get a right underlayment. Any idea what that underlayment should be?

my experiences with the 50 year shingles are that they are so thick that they cook themselves in the hot North Carolina summers,even with adequate ventilation…i would imagine that they should do better in northen climates

Well you can’t have affordable and a 50-year roof. If you truly want a roof that will last 50 years, then I suggest you start by looking at slate or copper standing-seam.

What Cerberus said. But the slate or copper will last much longer than that.
Vermonts should get you over a 100 years.
Buckinghams 200+.
Copper 60+ to 100+. Each scenario depends on install though. And underlay won’t matter either.

Lookit the slate roofs in Europe, wonder how old some of those are?..

Does anyone have experience with the Synthetic Underlayments Titanium UDL 50 or the comparable Grace product? Can they last 50 years (as warrantied) in the moderate climate and under a properly installed tile roof.

In 40 years of roofing, I still haven’t torn any roof off that I was able to inspect any 50 year old Titanium, Grace or other.
I have seen many tin, copper, tile, and slate with no underlay lasting 100+ years though.

Teddy bear, no underlayment will last 50 years. Worry about the roof material. Underlayment is not crucial, except in ice dam areas.