How do I protect fascia? Everything is rotten

I was doing my tear off of my roof, and I noticed a lot of the sheathing and truss ends are rotten. It seems like it only happens where gutters are. It ruins about 6 inches of the sheathing. I bought some certainteed “sand” granulated ice and water. The intsructions say to run it over the drip edge. I’m not sure this would resolve me problem though. Should I go against the instructions and cover the entire fascia and then throw the drip edge on top? It does mention something about running over the fascia (alternative install). Is this what is meant. I’m not even sure that it is the gutters that are the problem. What usually causes rot to occur on the eves?


Winterguard comes in film, sand, and granular. Which one is the best to use? Do all of them have plus and minuses?


I was thinking about getting 18" Grace strips to wrap the fascia. This would also wrap the sheathing by 14" since my fascia is only 3 1/2 inches. Any thoughts. I would do all eves this way. I will then go over it with felt as normal. Any thoughts?

Best way I know of to protect the fascia is to:

  1. Prime it completely, even your cuts.

  2. Install Ice and water barrier directly to the wood deck and allow it to overlap aprox 2" on the eave side and onto your fascia (it should be hidden by your gutter). Drip edge goes on top, then felt paper ontop of the drip edge. If you don’t put paper over the Ice and water sheild it makes it a pain in the ass for repairs later because your roofing material will become glued to the I&W sheild.

You can also use something like Ever-Flo eave vent in lieu of that. I don’t know your venting situation.

Do you know what the difference is between these ice and water? Grace ice and water seems to be a film. The one I bought is sand. Why do some people use sand or granulated ones?

I’m honestly not sure on the “sand” or “granulated” Ice and water. We use it because it’s GAF and cheaper than Grace. Grace can’t be beat IMO. Grace also conforms better so it’s ideal for things like built in gutters and such. I think it’s a money thing or in GAFs case a warranty thing… They are both designed to help stop water/ice infiltration (happy Arron?) and to try and seal nail holes. They both get covered.

the rot is usually due to water or ice damage which ice & water shield should help prevent regardless if you run it down the fascia or not.

no the fascia needs to be covered past the gutter,i use 3x3 flashing for this,w/ice it can back up under a small drip edge and enter the soffit

install a gutter dude with a good over hang with your slate