How do I work with my contractor for insurance repair?

My first post and glad I found this group.

My claim was settled after 1 year and 2 months.

So, I hired a P.A who wasn’t satisfied with the claim so, it got escalated to an Appraiser then Umpire. ( I had no idea what that meant so, I trusted him ).

Fast forward to today which is 1 year and 2 mos. later I finally received the last check.

Now, here is the deal:

  1. The money is not adding up.
  2. The P.A is MIA as in, he will not respond to my emails or calls.
    *Was the umpire successful, not for what the P.A had informed me the outcome would be.

So, I am approaching winter with 3 bad roofs; slate repair, back and front porch.
They only covered for repairs to the slate: materials, and labor.
They did not cover one roof but agree to materials for the other ( shingles ).

  • i have walls and carpet to do as well as, some dry wall.

So, here is my confusion…

with only 1/3 of the money handed out to me after all this time and the mitigation and P.A in total have received more than me - something seems off like I said. I had to call a local P.A and ask him to help me figure out what I am actually looking at. Since a year has passed there is no statute of limitations b.c i feel someone dropped the ball.

Date of loss: Aug. 2020
Appraiser: Jan, 14th, 2021
Umpire June 14th, 2021.
Final check 9/24/2021.

So, my contractor came by today and asked how much I have to work with and,
I have no idea what to do. The amount I have is enough to get him started but,
do I show him the entire report? I do not have the ACV for carpet, walls so, I directed him to start on the roof part. I am unclear and upset because this is what my P. A should be doing with me.

I sent my P.A an email tonight to end my contract with him - he hasn’t responded to me since June 2021. It is unacceptable and my home is not one to take on any more moisture.
There are other issues with the company he hired as well. They ran over my sewer head, they charged for items they did not do…( I did them ). ETC.

How do I work with the G.C?

You seem to have more legal questions than roofing questions. Get a legal consultation now.

Getting a PA was your biggest mistake presumably. Did you give your insurance company an opportunity to resolve the claim first?

Probably need to but, someone said the statute of limitations might be against me. Not sure how when both the insurer and P.A took over 1.2 months to finalize.

Most of the time a phone consultation is free. Caveat, there are a lot of slimy lawyers, too.