How do you hire a roofing crew?

How do you hire a roofing crew? Are there any trade schools that certify roofers? How do you they are competent?

Forgive me for this…go to the Home Depot parking lot and grab a few roofers. Actually, the roofers union does train people for the trade as well as several local roofing associations. You need to put the word out that you are looking for a qualified foreman or journeyman. He will find you a crew.

advertise…it can take awhile to get a good crew together…

How would you choose from the guys at Home Depot? Would you ask if they have workers compensation papers? What if they were illegal how would you deal with that?

What or who are you? Anybody in the construction business would look at a roof done by a crew, with a knowledgable eye, and hire of not hire accordingly.

If you’re looking for warm bodies, go to hD and just hire somebody.

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I have been doing this for a couple of days :shock: and I can tell you one thing for certain.It takes time.Not only do you need to weed and fire and hire and QUICKLY develop the “Catch and Release” mentality but you have to develop yourself too.

You will have faith in people when you should not.You will believe what you hear from people when in fact doubt everything you hear and accept what you see.

Keep your feelings separate ,actually leave your feelings tucked away somewhere that your new crew won’t monopolize and use against you.

Hd is the last place I would look for a crew.A foreman maybe but an entire crew forget about it.

I used to order it online…

hang at the local jail and wait for new releases…

we usually wait till they have been out for at least a month…from past exp.'s


There are many good sites from where you can get contact and details about a good roofing crew.One of the good crew roofers that i have come across is jnl roofing and remodeling. They provide and install new roofing and roof repairs for both commercial and residential purposes. I am sure this will be of help to you.

Don’t dare getting just anyone hanging outside of any home depot store.
You must hire a certified roofing contractor, who has the right liability insurance, don’t take any chances-god forbid if anything happens to one of the crew members, you will pay for the rest of your life.
When I had my roof leak repair project I thought of doing the same and save money, but one of my close friends told me about a case she heard, and thank god I listened to her…

Not HD I myself have three separate crews that work for me. We do quality and fast work and most importantly a strict jobsite cleanup. i have references and pics of past work. We are willing to travel where ever the work is. My main crew of 6 guys completed a 37 sq 12/12 14/12 in one day and three hours. We don’t mess around.

I have tried all kinds of stuff from rolling by the local homeless shelter for warm bodies to advertising in the thrifty nickle. I have found that by putting a well worded add on craigslist (which is free by the way) will net quite a few responses to “weed” through. :biggrin:


Forgive me for my arrogance but you shouldn’t be able to find a “Good Crew” this time of year. Seriously, I caught one of my old crew leaders the other day who came by a job I was working on. They were waiting on materials to arrive and stopped by to visit. He’s got 3,000 squares to nail down before winter sets. Like the rest of the good crews, he’s only got time off when it rains or somebody messes up a delivery.

I am in the process of training my next crew leader to take over in 2 years! He’s been training for the last 2. Everybody knows he’s the next guy. I had to chew him out last night and this morning for a mistake he made on one pipe jack yesterday! It literally ruined my night. He feels terrible and won’t be able to look me in the eye for a week. A good crew leader is that important! BTW, I then made my standing crew leader fix the repair and then talk to the other guy. Done right or don’t do it at all. If you don’t know ask!

If you are lucky, you can catch a crew where the company owner just got arrested or declared bankruptcy from some gambling/drug habit. Take only the best from his outfit and train them your way for a year. More bad roofers than good out there…

When it comes for a [glow=red]Roofing problem[/glow], hiring a roofing crew is the foremost decision.

While hiring a Roofing crew following some points should be taken into consideration.

  1. Bids: Ask for bids from multiple roofing contractors. Make sure you get best possible price.

  2. Contractor’s License: A contractor must have state license to work on your property. Check for the status of the license.

  3. Deposit: According to the law, contractor is allowed to ask for 10% deposit only.

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It is funny that you say that because of the recent issues that a Kansas city roofing contractor experience. Almost lost his whole company…

If you want to read the whole thing, it is in the link:

hi nick i’m try to get couple crews to do a lot of work from us please if you can get in contact with us our company name is primestar contractors, if you be able to get in contact with me this is my email. email send me an email and we can get in contact and do some busines.

Are you willing to travel to Cheyenne? I need crews out on the Air Force Base that are able to pass background checks, about 500+ tons of work, if interested my direct cell # is 720 987 7577 email #uncategorized

You did the right thing. Sometimes we hurt other people for their own good. If he’s a real crew leader material then he probably understands that what you have done was appropriate and it needed to be done. Don’t beat yourself up over it, you did the right thing.