How do you protect siding when removing shingles?

A recent roofing job damaged siding as shingles were shoveled off a two story house and dinged the aluminum siding on one house and the vinyl siding on the house right beside it. These were more than asphalt marks - they were dings and cuts in the aluminum siding and breaks in the vinyl siding. The contractor had put tarps and plywood up to about the 8 foot level to catch everything but that didn’t help with all the roofing debris being shoveled off the roof and bouncing and blowing around on the way down. My city doesn’t have any Equiptor lift bins for rent so I’m thinking that maybe a waste chute rental or huge tarps are the way to go. The tarps could be dangerous in the wind so that leaves waste chutes. I’ve never seen anyone use them on a roofing job.

Question: What’s the best way to avoid damaging siding when removing a couple of layers of shingles?

Hire a crew that isn’t negligent?


I carry all my trash across the roof and throw it into the container.
Some tar paper debris/ nails hits the ground that has been tarped.
You are asking for trouble just shoveling it off the roof.

If i am worried about about protecting siding or a garage door i will hang a tarp from the eve/fascia.

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Guessing steep roof,then 2x4 chops wrapped tarp all the way down ,some plywood to protect rails,ac,patio etc.
2x6 with Jack’s with someone on them to catch majority and throw off further
You can getaway with just 2x6 with no tarp,but you need semi skilled helper to throw away carefully
On walkers with access to trailer its kinda retarded to do double labor throwing it off wherever you work