How Durable Will My Metal Roof Be?

We bought the house with a three-year old Fabral Grandrib3 exposed screw metal roof. Any ideas on how long the roof will last? (We are in upstate NY.) Is there any maintenance required? I heard that the screws/washers might have to be retightened or replaced during its lifetime… what could the time interval be for that?

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where abouts in upstate…i’m from Newark (wayne county) just outside rochester. as far as your questions…it depends on what it was put over and who put it on. if it was put on with screws as opposed to nails you should be good for a while. pretty much maintence free if installed properly. if the screws ever need retightening or replacing it should be a relativly painless repair. (unless it a very steep slope roof). maybe it will need to be repainted in about 25 more years.

The neoprene grommets will eventually dry out and the screws can back out some, between the two this can lead to leaks. However, if the roof is relatively new you shouldn’t have to worry about that for a long time. When you start experiencing leaks, you can either start replacing the screws or as a quick fix you can caulk them. If you choose to caulk them, it will only be a short-term repair and it will not look to good.

Thanks guys. I’m outside of Albany.
Maybe a silver lining is that the screws are indeed exposed, inspectable, and replaceable.

Unless your metal roof has got a few years on it, I wouldn’t be too worried about it now unless you are already experiencing leaks. Otherwise, sit back and relax, and don’t worry about things that have yet to become an issue.

and most importantly all those exsposed screws will hold your house together in one of those noreaster storms ( think thats how ya spell it)
as far as what your have under your paint, i dont know.
not a big fan of painted metal.
it could be crushed up yoo hoo cans, under there, for all you know.

if you dont allready have them, then when the time come to change out screw(s), you mite want to use a stainless screw with seprerate stainless, rubber bonded, washer. and use a good nickel size washer if ya can.

if the screws you have now are stainless , then you probably got a good roofer to do roof (average roofers will use whatever comes with metal).

so good luck, keep roof and gutters free of debri, wash it every once in a while just like a car, and you should be allrite.



Thanks again.

Wash a roof? That’ll happen, LOL.

One point that was forgotten was that when the seam tapes dry out and crack, they will allow water infiltration. At this ppoint, a rehab should be in order. The one I am on now is 35 years old and this is its first major rehab.

Aaron, is the job you are now on a screw-down roof, and what all are you doing for its first major rehab?

I found this link for my roof system and can see where the butyl seam tape should be: … lutuff.pdf

The roof I am currently doing is a 200 square R-panel.

the rehab involves:

Re-tightening all fasteners and replacing as needed
Securing all metal seams, flashings
Removing any uncured sealants previously installed, and all silicones
Pressure cleaning @ 3000 psi or more
Repairing and neutralizing rusted areas
Filling all gaps with foam, caulk, or urethane, as needed
Priming with a two-part epoxy primer and allowing to dry
And spraying two component polyurea hybrid instant set seamless roofing membrane @ the ADFT of 48 mil

We warrant this application for 10 years and expect it to last for 20. This one came in at 2.18 per foot.


Thanks very much for the info!