How far will you travel for work?

UPDATE: How far do you NORMALLY travel for work? Exclude special “big” expensive jobs

ORIGINAL POST: We install metal roofing, so sometimes we have to travel as far as 100 miles (from MA to Connecticut and less often NH/VT/ME)…

I know there are many roofers who won’t go more than one town over…

So question is - how far will you travel? And if you feel like it, tell me why/why not, etc.

I generally stay in a 50 mile radius, but if someone from farther away calls I will still do it with the understanding that they will pay for the travel expenses.

The biggest thing that made me leave commercial roofing is being on the road all the time.

@Axiom - where are you located?

Northern Michigan, anything less than 30 min away is close to home.

We stay in a 50 mile radius as well. There are occasions when we venture a bit further, referrals or expenses paid. I’ve done enough traveling for work in my life. I missed the first few years of my childrens lives. Never again! My children are amazing and I almost missed them growing up. Fyi. I live in NW Ohio.

I love to travel and would go nearly anywhere in the right situation. I have no kids (don’t want them) and very few responsibilities so I look for any excuse to travel for leisure or work!

I don’t know if the issue is willingness to travel. I think the primary issue is can we travel and still make the same margins. If it is an hour per day, is that 2 hours of driving per day worth it from an expense and personal standpoint. If it is overnight, are we getting compensated for hotels and daily expenses as well as a little extra to make it worth the sacrifice of being away from home.

I think too many people drive by a lot of business close to home on their way to somewhere else because they think the grass is greener. Generally, it isn’t.

I like to work close to home.
45 min drive is about my limit.
Most work is within 20 min.
I like to be close to home
because i can get material i missed quickly.

No out of area work for me.
When a homeowner wants to talk about something they think might be warantied,
I want to be happy to see them and not be disgruntled over driving a long distance or servicing their friends and neighbors all over egypt.

We’ve gone as far away from Houston as Midland. 10 hours. One of our customers was building a monster house with slate / copper / all the works. Had a tightly scheduled job where we were needed at specific milestones. All of the travel (rooms, fuel, etc.) and per diems were built into the job. We did well. I would never do so for an average roof but this one involved too much money (+$300K) to sit at home. Our usual local work did not suffer.