How important is NRCA membership?

It looks like NRCA is the main trade organization for the roofing industry. I don’t know the average size of a roofer in terms of sales volume but I would think most roofers could be members are under $2000.

Is it assumed everyone joins this group to have its logo on their website or sales literature? Or do you get other benefits to warrant your dues?

Should I be concerned if my roofer isn’t a member?

What if they were a member and are no longer a member?

I would be more concerned about them being certified with whatever roofing system they are installing i.e GAF, CertainTeed,etc…

I’ve been a member twice. I did not renew last time due to politics. i.e. their favor of illegal immigration and the fact they have a PAC.
OTOH the technical knowledge is great as are the books, and CD’s. Those things are in my roofing library and are available w/o being a member. I still get their magazine

Anyway I joined MRCA and am happy their w/ great technical advice, programs and service.

SO I am not a member of NRCA, and I don’t belittle anyone who is. However, most of the information for particular products could just as easily come from the manufacturer, or a trade group like ARMA.
There used to be a Single Ply only trade association. Well they might still be around, I dunno.

So I would not eliminate anyone on the basis of not being a member of NRCA.

With all due respect, looking at your posts, it would appear that you are looking at the wrong criteria for choosing a roofing company. In my humble opinion, size and organizations belonged to have little to do with the quality of the roof you would receive or the service you would get following the install.

If I recall, you’re in the Dallas area. There are plenty of good roofing companies there and at the same time, likely even more bad ones. Why don’t you check family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers to get some referrals of companies they have worked with in the past year or two?

I am not sure but I would suspect many of the larger companies use lots of hispanic crews to keep their costs down. You might be better served with a smaller, local company that is “old school”. Roofing isn’t rocket science, give me an old school crew that has experience and good integrity over some certified group that belongs to all the “right” organizations. Just my opinion.

You said it…thumbs up… :mrgreen:

I think NRCA membership is a lot better investment than the foolish BBB . Although if there going political that not cool, unless of course there for deporting the illegal aliens .

RooferJ, NRCA may very well be a great investment. We’ve had lots of Customers ask about our BBB membership but zero ever asked about us belong the NRCA. While I agree with many here the BBB is not a certain guarantee for the credibility of a company, I’ve seen a number of examples where bad companies get reported. Most recent example is American Shingle in Birmingham and the Atlanta area. Had more people checked the BBB rating before giving them a deposit, they’d likely have a new roof on now instead of simply being out their deposit.

I can’t speak for everyone but I know in our case, we would do anything within reason (and perhaps outside of reason depending) to keep our BBB record flawless. We’ve found if utilized correctly, it is some of the cheapest advertising available.

When the BBB learns something about roofing, I will join…

If you ever post something that indicates in the least that you understand business, I’ll pay some attention to you.

If nothing else, it is a defensive move. The BBB I mean. As are many others that cost a few $hundred per year
Since the BBB is the 1st place that the hacks run to, it does in a twisted way, equalize things.


I believe in the NRCA and MRCA. I think they are generally great organizations. Every organization has it’s flaws. I do believe both said organizations lean more to the Commercial Roofer as opposed to the Residential Roofer. There are still educational benefits to going to their conventions though.


I got to agree with Authentic on this one :shock:

I was a member of NRCA for years. Their safety info is great, but you get the same stuff for free from your insurance co. Their tech info is great too, but you can get the same stuff from your manufacture for free. I disagree with their politics. They are geared toward the mega roofing companies that hold up the NRCA. I do belong to my state org.

As for the BBB. Its about perception. Many people still think it is a government agency. I thought so untill they approached me my third year in business. I still did not join for 10 more years because at the time I was doing new construction and bid work. Once I started doing in-the-home sales, I joined and it has been well worth it. Many people go to the BBB website to begin their search for a contractor. If don’t you beleive me, Join for 1 year and track the results. It has paid for itself many times over.

Not interested in them

was a member of the NRCA for years and cancelled about 2 yrs ago. Yes, they sent us great safety and install manuals, but thats about all. most homeowners dont even know of them and I have never even been asked about them. I still get faxed literature from them every week regarding updated safety measures, install techniques and we dont even belong to them anymore, lol!


If you ever post something that indicates in the least that you understand business, I’ll pay some attention to you.[/quote]

We can be friends ONLY if you keep your hands off of my butt :!:

[quote=“Idiot Savant”]

If you ever post something that indicates in the least that you understand business, I’ll pay some attention to you.

We can be friends ONLY if you keep your hands off of my butt :!:[/quote]

LMAO!! Now that is a funny, funny comeback dude!

I can 100% assure you my hands will go nowhere near your butt.

There are much more important considerations, I feel like a AAA rating with the Better business Bureau would be more impressive than a membership with the NRCA! Getting a direct referral form friends and/or family. If not checking recent references and checking recent jobs out. Liability and Workmans Compensation Insurance, Contractors License. Etc…

We are members of both.