How is work across the country?

Last year at this time was more work going on.just curious how other parts of the country are doing?

my numbers are up from last year so far.

We were working more last year at this time. The work flow is gaining steam now

Last year at this time had nothing, coming off the worse Winter in 10 years got a little nervous. In a four month spread over the Winter did four jobs the biggest was a 45sq new roof. Ended up with my best year in 10 years. Did mostly 06 hail and wind claims.

As of right now have enough work to get me through the early part of Summer and depending on rain the middle of Summer. Plus over half a dozen waiting for adjusters to look at. Put off the huge roofs from the 06 hail storm to do this Spring.

There is not a darn thing going on in this neck of the woods. We are almost ready to apply for foodstamps! If anyone has some work in the Ulster/Dutchess county areas of NY please let us know.

We are doing fairly well, but most of the work we have scheduled is holdovers from last year. We have been bidding a fair amount of jobs, but think thats mostly due to the hectic winter we had this year. I am fairly nervous about this year, with gas prices and just the overall state of the economy. I know a lot of guys without much work.

not to bad right now in CT for me. but could always use more roofs.

N. E. Ohio has picked up in the couple of weeks.

We are more busy then ever work is great