How long does it take to get a Windstorm certificate? Replaced my roof back in January

My roof was replaced back in January… Was told I would receive a windstorm certificate via mail but still have not received it… How long does it take to come in? And do I actually need a certificate?

You should have it within 7 days from the last engineers inspection. WPI8 C. Call TWIA and ask.

ok I called the the Texas Dept. of Insurance Windstorm Division and was told it was not in the system… They asked me to present the name of the inspector so they could see if he was in the system but I do not have that info so I contacted the Roofer… Was told by roofer that they would contact the Boss and let them know about not having a windstorm certificate. So now I am supposed to wait and see if they will file it? I just told the roofer that I just want to make sure that the certificate gets documented… You don’t suppose there may never have been an inspector do you?

The WPI 8 is filed before starting. The engineer would have come out during the beginning of the project for acceptable material and strict install guidelines. From what you have found, it sounds like they did not file. I have heard of engineers requiring a complete tear off and install for breaking the rules. Hope not. I’ve also heard roofers openly brag of paying off TWIA engineers to give compliance.

How do I go about this process then? Have not heard back from roofer of how to proceed. I asked for proof of payment and warranty via email and nothing was sent. Was only told to allow some time for processing. This seems to be a legit contractor advertising on Facebook but turning out to be sloppy with communication

That’s a shame. Many roofers don’t realize the inland 1,2 and seaward areas of the coast have procedures for installation. You are going to have to pressure the contractor for the engineers name or a copy of the WPI 8 that they filled out, so you have proof it was initiated. Your insurance carrier will have to have it. You really don’t have another option, but to pursue the contractor for deception, if they told you they would pull your permit. I think I would keep my cool, but try to reason with them. If you let them know how you really feel, it might chase them away. I would think they are trying to find a way to get your home compliant by paying an engineer to go by and inspect it. That’s not the protocol for TWIA, but like I said. I’ve heard contractors bragging about paying engineers to sign off on jobs they never looked at. I wish you luck, but I don’t have any other ideas. Just a few months ago, a contractor did a home in Galveston and didn’t get a certificate. He had to tear it off and redo it.

Well I sure hope I don’t have to tear off new roof… That would be a shame because the work does actually look good… Was texted this morning by roofer and was told it was in the process of getting done and they would email me a copy of wind certificate as soon as they receive it… It did not seem this was the roofers first project so not sure why they would delay the process for a wind certificate if the work has already been completed? I never seen a engineer at jobsite while the work was going on but I asked the roofer in charge both days if the engineer had looked at the roof and his response was that engineer has already looked at the roof.

Would my bank do a follow up to make sure I have a wind certificate if I still have a mortgage on my home?

update: spoke to third party dealing with wind certificate and was told that it is much faster to document and send through TWIA now than the WPI-8 website so I will not be able to see this online. Woman assured me all was ok and TWIA is just backed up from all the disaster claims that it is just taking a little bit longer. Forgot the company name I had called but have the phone number to check on it again after a couple months.

And all permits were waived due to the volume of people needing new roofs in the area.

yeah, that 7 day crap sounds good, but hurricane Harvey it was taking up to 4 months.