How many bundles should I save?

Do you guys save a few bundles when you do your own roofs? I was thinking I might need some if a repair situation arises. Should I stock a square or is this too much?

That’s ok. Maybe just 1 bundle or at least remember the name and color of the shingle in case you need to purchase more.

I like to leave a fun bundle in good packaging so that home owner can easily move the bundle around without opening them up. With Landmarks there’s no need to leave shingles since they don’t blow off but it’s a good practice to get used to doing.

I never leave a bundle (well, don’t offer it anyhow) unless the customer mentions a shed or doghouse or something… & even then, it’s only if I’ve got leftover product. I have zero desire to buy shingles for the customer as that’s just out of pocket.

When they say “so, should I have some just in case I need to do repairs” I tell them

  1. This is not tile. There’s a very likely chance we’ll still see GAF Desert Sand in 15 years (sigh). Some colors Weathered Wood just don’t go out of ‘style’.

  2. If the roof has a repair issue, you don’t need to be creeping a 10:12 / 2 story… you should call me.

WE know what kind of a headache it is to handle a bundle; I’m sure the customers would love to kick around one square for 4 or 5 years only to open it up in one of those “just in case” situations only to find out the heat from their garage has made the shingles about as brittle as fine china.

i only save evedrip , bull, nails, and torchdown.
alot of other stuff gets to be to much trouble for me
i guess what im try to advise is,
save what you use to most of.


Our supplier allows us to return any unopened bundles for a credit, any opened bundles I save for repairs or starter strips if needed.

even if you save them and you had to do a repair they wont match. the singles fade the oils dissipate.
i love crawling through someones basement to get those singles they saved for 9 years. they smell like cat piss and are all stuck together. then you still get a call saying " why didn’t you use my singles those don’t even match."
if you have to do a minor repair in a visible area swap shingles from a hidden spot.
don’t bother saving them.