How many layers of shingles are allowed by Virginia Code

I have a new roof that was put on prior to me buying the house. Apparently, they added a 3rd layer, did not flash the dormer windows or chimney. There was an attempt to fix the ceiling inside, but now the patch work is falling out. The insulation is damp as well. The house was built in 1951, so I am afraid that the original roof contains asbestos.

I would just about guarantee that is at least 1 too many layers.I don’t know about codes in Virginia but I’m sure they don’t allow layovers on more than 1 layer

2 layers max. legally.

Newer shingles, I would only have 1 layer.

I used to live in Virginia, and I can tell you the code in Fairfax was a maximum of two layers of shingles; however, you can put on a third or more if you have an engineer sign off on it saying the structure can support the weight. So, you can actually have more than two layers, but you can only have two if you don’t do any live/dead load calculations. Now maybe in some of the other counties they have different requirements, but if you are in NoVa you should have no more than two.