How many of you Texas roofers carry workers comp insurance?

It seems like this can be quite costly and alot of roofers seem to dodge this question.

Dad, I’m not sure if you are a roofer or a home owner. If any roofer you are considering is dodging that question I would move on and hire someone legitimate.
If you are a roofer get insurance. You are so foolish not too.
I have a good friend who has been roofing for 30 years. He is set up with one other guy as a partnership and has been for 12 years. He has no employees. He still gets comp coverage every year and pays the minimum just incase.

Good luck finding workman’s comp in Texas.

99.9% of the state is comprised of ‘sub contracted labor’ (this has been discussed ad nauseam here on this site; look around for past threads) & unless we get state licensure (not gonna happen with a Republican dominated legislature), then you can imagine this won’t come about.

What you CAN ask for & find here in Texas is insurance protection.

If you haven’t found anyone to assist you on your project, feel free to ask additional questions.