How many offer financing

Wondering how many contractors offer financing and whats been your experience with it. What kind of terms are you dealing with. Wouldn’t want to offer something with to high of interest.
Last few months I’ve had a lot of people ask about it. Some want to put jobs on credit cards which I don’t accept but am considering.
Looking for recommendations.

we offer 12 months @ 0%. You have to build the finance charge into your price. This has helped us win many jobs in 2009 so far.

financing available here to.
90 days same as cash.


We offer finacing.

Don’t use alot, but it helps sometimes.

What percent extra is added to the project cost for financing. Any recommendations of companies to deal with. You can message me if you don’t want to disclose that information online.

It depends on what offer they want. It ranges from something like 7% and can go higher.

180 days same as cash up to 35000 with approval of course. Its about to change to a year.

Lot more people talking about financing this year than any other year for obvious reasons.

there comes a point in every state where, you becoming a bank brings you under some Federal banking laws in which a good lawyer is the only one that can advise you. If you look at the Home depot finance plan thing…" no payments until April 2010" kind of thing, you will notice that after that date, if you don’t pay…your interest can get up to 27 1/2 %.

If your going to run an advertised …“IN HOUSE FINANCING” sale…or an “ALL APPROVED” financing plan,
unless you build the interest into your price, you disclosure requirements might become very prohibitive when it comes to enforcing collections. But if it straight forward…$1200.00= $50 month for 2 years, interest free ( 24/ $50.00/ MO)… you’d be better off. Occassionally we will take a deposit to cover materials and finance the labor over time…always in writing, never with interest.
Just add your desired interest into the final price.

What finance companies do ya’ll use? I can only find GE Money and EnerBank as options.

We offer financing currently on deductables only. Hopefully pretty soon we can begin to finance more but our market for some reason has to just halted to a stop…

I use Finance My Project. Free but can only finance up to $50k. Have run a couple deals through them so far.