How many times you guys see leaking ridge vent?

What kind ? Brand?
Which one you guys prefer? I hate and see leaks all the time on the cheap aluminum ridge vents.

This group is amazing


No reason why aluminum would leak if done right.
That said, i havent installed it for at least 20 years.
My favorite is Owens Corning sure vent.
They lock together.
Has the best fasteners, the vent is the tallest and most rigid. This keeps it from looking wavy.
Best cosmetic looking ridgevent in my opinion.
Keep your ridge hole at 2 1/2 inch total.
Dont let it stretch over 3 inches.


Thanks . This house have ridge vent in roll.

I never saw those leaking like that. Just one caps are nissing but this house habe all caps in place

Still, I never saw leaking ridge vent.

I have seen Trimline and other ridge vents leak when they are installed on heavier shingles and not bent over ridge cut out properly. If it flattens out on top water can run back under ridge cap itself and leak into a joint.

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