How much does the soffit instalation cost?

Hi Everyone,

I wondered if someone can help me with to figure out what is the average price of soffit installation per linear foot. I live in Michigan, and asked a contractor for an estimate. They gave me around 20 dol. per ln foot, which seems pricy to me. The same contractor is doing my gutters with good gutter protection system, which will cost me 19 dol. per ln foot, and don’t have a problem with that price.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Here is one estimate site that I found, and perhaps you may find useful too. … imates.htm

It will all depend on where in Michigan you are at to be honest. Tell me where and i can give/get you a price.

That is certainly not in my favor. I live in Ann Arbor. Thanks.

Typically around 2 dollars per foot depending on what you use and that is without profit.

I do s&f for $4.00 sq.ft. P.A.,or T.n. material is same cost where ever you are. Takes just as long to perform labor too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your replys guys.
I did lots of research over the weekend, and as a result I already canceled the contract with that company.