How much is CGL?

I need general liability for myself to start doing small roofing jobs.How much coverage do I need and what should I expect to pay?

roofing liability has gone up dramatically in Massachusetts, for me $6000 a year now, up from $1500 in 2001. With no claims and the same carrier. I’ve shopped around and it was similar too. Plus its like a penny on the dollar paid to employees.

Comp is a different animal though too. I can pay $500 a year for me and any partners and by doing so give up all availability of insurance benefits to get paid if I or any partners fall, but the cost of each employee usually means a quarter of the estimate up front for a premium (my comp rate is like 37% of the hourly wage of any employee). The first year you guess, and if you’re wrong in their favor the difference needs to be paid at the end of the year. After that, you go based on the previous year for expectations, and if the difference is wrong in their favor it also has to be paid at the end of the year. In both situations, if the difference is in your favor, they should or do cut you a check immediately, I never had any problems with that.

My liability when I started was $1,000,000. If someone requested more liability, I would upgrade with a promise they contract me.

Isnt macroofs already an established company?

Actually I was looking to start my own company.One of my employers had a client he didn’t want to keep and had me run a few jobs under his insurance.Now they keep calling me,so I really need to cover my ass.The prices I’ve been getting have been even higher for liablity(around $7500),But I’m going to keep looking.This trade has been good to me for the past 15 yrs,only now I’m not so sure.The prices on insurance shocked me!A friend of mine does masonry work and pays $800 bucks a year!And he’s good up to 3 stories.I’m still working for another employer also,So this is really just for sidework.Would they let me insure by the job?I really only need a few months a year.

I know someone right next door to you…literally, and they pay over $10,000.00 a year.