How much should I pay sub-contractors

I would like to know what is a fair price to pay sub-contractors per square on a average job ie. 3 to 7 pitch, Tear off, apply drip edge, felt, ice guard and in valleys,starter and shingles, new pipe booths, Ridge caps? What would be considered extra’s? I am located in OHIO & would like to know what it is in your area.
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I just have my subs look at the roof and give me their price, to my specs. That’s how much I pay them without any haggling at all.
Then, and only then, do I quote the job.

What is the average rate or range?
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Come on guys. Show a little love. I really can use the information I’m asking for.
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I catch crap from others about what I pay,1 layer walkers $65 and anything over an 8 is $100,but I know the installations are right.I still check but I already know what’s up.

They do the same thing on every job.No changes and no surprises.Most jobs under 50 are done in a day.I had a crew that was pulling 100 off and on a day.Great on complex’s but had to let them go because the workmanship fell apart and they were not responding to call backs.

The call backs were not necessarily from the customer but by me.If I see something wrong I demand it to be fixed,.No exceptions.

You get a crew you can depend on.,you pay them good.But be patient because it takes time to find them.

These prices are for shingle roofs and the 50 per day happens in the spring,summer and early fall.

Going rate in my area is $45 1 layer walks and $80 for steep.

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[quote=“tinner666”]I just have my subs look at the roof and give me their price, to my specs. That’s how much I pay them without any haggling at all.
Then, and only then, do I quote the job.[/quote]

I like that Frank. :slight_smile:

$45 for 1 story non steep
$10 for tall 2 story charge
$10 for steep charge
$20 for 10/12 and up

… $45 is the base price per sq I pay, if its tall 2 story steep then I pay $65, whatever the conditions of the roof are, I just add that extra dollar amount too $45.

If the crew does not have their own dump trailer then the base charge is $35 per sq. For the jobs that are pretty tight on cash we keep crew that do not have their own trailer for whatever reason but do very nice work.

I do not pay extra for them having to tarp a pool or make special accommodations for the landscape. If the crew does have their own trailer and runs over the yard and lets say busts a sprinkler head … that is on them. If the work is not completed the way it should be I also demand that it be fixed, if there are any leaks they have to be fixed as well unless it is a pre-existing issue that COULD leak, however this is discussed with my crew, and the home owner, and all three parties are in agreement before the roof is installed.

Some of these wages are pretty out there in my eyes, but I am sure mine are ridiculous to some. I know in Roofmasters area, a friend of mine pays subs $55 for one layer off and on.

My prices are as follows

$85.00 1 Layer 4-6 Pitch
$100.00 1 Layer 7-9 Pitch
$125.00 1 Layer 10+ Pitch

$10-15 more per layer

Thanks for your replies. I would like to here from more contractors also.
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Nothing to add from here. I’ll not dictate what the sub receives. I want an honest, no holds barred, do it right the first time price, with all the bells and whistles to prevent ANY complaints, or call-backs.
I don’t low-ball price jobs and refuse to work with subs that want to low-ball me and take even one shortcut to stick to his low price. I have one sub from this site, and he’ll back me up on that.
Roofing is not about prices, it’s about quality installs from the get-go.
Two weeks of heavy rain, drizzle, and snow which is still on roofs around here. Not one call-back. That’s what it’s all about.
If a sub says the job will cost $100. per sq., that’s what I’ll pay him. No haggling. Most times, it’s more, btw.

Thanks for your post, However I wasn’t asking just to get a low price. I just wanted to know what others where paying so I would not get over charged because of my lack of knowledge.
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I was just clarifying my earlier post. I don’t have set prices. I wasn’t sure if I had to clarify or not, so I did. I just go the sub’s price.

We usually pay $45 per square, for 7/12 to 9/12 we pay an extra $5 per square and 10/12 to 12/12 another $5 and an additional $5 for two story. So if its steep (10/12) and 2 story they get a total of $60 per square. That includes everything. Tear off, felt, ridge, pipe boots etc.

YUK !!!,Where are you located ? I bet everyone is fighting over walkers,$60 per square for steep sux azz.

If I were to guess on those prices I would guess Oklahoma/Arizona/New Mexico

I do a fair bit of sub contracting. I start at 50/ sq for new construction and 70 minimum for walk able single layers… Northern Minnesota so it’s a short season… Still roofing on nice days, but it’s cold today!

As a small business owner who runs his own crew, I can say that I would not be in the roofing field if I was a sub contractor. $45 per square for on & off isn’t enough money to pay my bills. Ok, $55 isn’t enough either. I don’t know how you could save up enough to buy a dump trailer at those rates without killing yourself. I’m no stranger to ‘killing’ myself on the job either. Oh, no WC, is that how.

Tinner has the right idea. Every job is different. How many feet of ridge vent? How many feet of ice? How many boots? Access? Over plank or plywood?

I’m currently waiting for Shangle-nailer to give me a price for his portion on one. Then, I’ll know how to price it.


I’m actually shocked that someone can survive at those rates. That’s not much better than what we got as piece work from the boss 20 years ago. I guess if they’re willing to work for that price you might as well sub it out instead of losing jobs to them as low bidders.

when i used to sub i was getting 75$ for 4-6/12 $105 for 7,8/12 and $135 for anything over 8/12 which included my dumpfees. was a good gig till insurence work slowed down :frowning: and 90% of time roof top delivery