How much should i pay?

Hey guys, just had a question about which insurance companies you use for your gen. liability. I am currently shopping around different companies in MASS. I was wondering if any of you knew of good online line insurers or anyone with reasonable quotes.

-I did get one quote for $4400, straight residential no more than 3 stories
do you think thats good that is the best iv’e recieved
-im thinking about doing it
unless you guys have other insurers i should check out

Sounds more than fair. Do they charge per sales or payroll?

well thats just an annual

they did ask how much my estimated sales would be and I said i’d probably do about $100,000.00

how much are you paying for your gen. liability if i may ask?

Where i work its done like this:

Liability 18 per 1000 on payroll

WC 45 Per 100 on payroll

This is if im not mistaken. I could be wrong but thats what i think he is payin.

I have true roofing insurance (not the carpenter insirance so many guys use, and claim to be insured)

Its expensive, no doubt, but I would not leave the customer non-covered…they are my partners in the success of their roofing.

Hey it is not my ill aaron thats how i think its done… If hedoes not have the correct insurance anyone without the proper insurances.

I’m missing something in your last post, Kevin.

Im talking about where i work.