How much should this shingle/ flat re-roof cost in miami

I am in dade county ( miami) I have received a few quotes
but they seem to be all over the place with cost.
and all a bit high from my perspective.

  • 3/12 pitch roof 1900 sf /22squares

  • flat roof 1201sf 13.5 squares

can someone give me an average what i should pay?

including tear off, dumpster, removal, up to 250 lf. wood replace, warranties
and re -roof.

total base price of approximately $19,000, if it’s a 30 year shingle and $18,500 if it’s a 25-year shingle on the 3/12.

I’ve done about 500 houses similar to yours in Miami-Dade in the last six-months.

If our company went out to price this it would be in the 15,000 range. We have done hundreds of those in miami,homestead area.

My best advise in that reguard would be to first make sure the contractor you have is a licenced and has insurance that is valid. Secondly corners are cut 90% of the time on the lower bids so throw them out. You cant put a price on piece of mind so i cant tell you to go with without talking to you. IF you would like i can help you go over what the scope of work being proposed vs the price. I have done this for a few that have wanted the help on this web site. Email me your phone number and i will give you a call and we can chat about what is needing to be done also if you can please send me a few pics in the email so i know what i am looking at. Hope this can help.

Shouldn’t pay any more than $15,000 with a non-insulated flat roof. I’m at $13,800. That’s non-insulated with GAF 3-tabs. 100 linear feet (T&G) free wood replacement - $3/ ft after that.

Just have the house moved here to cheapo land and it will cost about $6,500 for the roof. :shock: