How much to Charge for a real-estate roof report

Currently, we are working a lot with real estate agents and they have recommended that we charge for a roof report. I was wondering what an average cost for a report should run for. Do roofers actually charge for a service like this even though they offer free inspections? What should be included in the report?

I charge $250-$300 for inspection reports for real estate agents. If we write a proposal for repair/replacement after job has been inspected and their client goes with the job, we will refund the cost of the inspection report towards the service provided.

An inspection report should include photos and descriptions of areas that are in need of repair/replacement.

Understand that inspection reports and written estimates are 2 different things. An inspection report is often used for real estate nogatiations between the buyer and seller. Also inspection reports should not include prices, just photos and descriptions.

There’s a difference between a free inspection and what Real Estate Agents are looking for. I would be a bit careful, there is also potential liability for you with these reports. What is someone purchases a home based upon your report and the shingles fall off in 6 months?

I prefer not even messing with most Real Estate Agents as in general, they’ll suck a huge amount of your time up, as much as you’ll let them, and give little in return. I generally charge $250 to $300 hoping that is high enough to discourage them from asking us to do the inspection and report.


Authentic beat me to it. Never use the word inspection. 20yrs ago, I did what was called a written roof inspection for a realtor. The home inspector called me and ask me if I was a licensed inspector. I’m not. He threatened to report me for acting as an inspector without a license. My report is the basic facts of what exist. I call it a “Roof evaluation.” My disclaimer is at the bottom, shown as my opinion. I charge $225 to $300. Depends on if I’ve worked with the realty group before or a cold call.

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If its local we do an inspection for free, if they want a written report that is 350. Inspections usually turn into a service call so you can make some . I do not think i have looked at one that didn’t need at least something done… we probably only get about 5 requests a yr for this type of thing. It also depends on how busy we are, if we are slammed then we just decline to even look.

About 10+ yrs ago we did one, HO claimed no leaks, roof visually looked good. Leaked on the new owners and we had to fix it on our own dime… it was cheaper to do this than go to court.

Thanks, this was very helpful. Makes total sense in the cost, and the incentive would be to use the contractor.

I am so glad that I seen this response. I will keep that in mind and be sure to add disclaimer into the needed area. We are just getting into real-estate evaluation reports, and I want to take all the precaution from the veteran roofers. $250-$300 seems very responsible considering your spending roughly and hour or so, on a pitched surface.

Did a lot of “certifications” 20 years ago. They wanted a 3 year guarantee on the roof. Same investigation as if it were a bid. Layers/deck/valleys/wall-chimney-utility flashings. $350 was starting price. Separate remediation / replacement bid. They want you to accept the liability, don’t do it without adequate compensation. $100 an hour including desk time is about right.

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I run from realtors. They want everything for free, with the promise of “so much work” and yet, you never get anything from them except head aches and the eternal realtor’s phrase: I need it now!

I’ve had realtors try to silence me when I’ve looked at a roof that is in very poor condition. They don’t want you to interfere with their closing. I’m sure not every realtor is a bad person - but I have to say that most of the realtors I’ve met over the past decade are, shall we say - ethically challenged.


All they want is to close the sale. Advise them that you are liable if you lie on the report. Just charge appropriately for your time and expect nothing else.

I concur Jonnie18. We work with a select few but most are looking to steal your time.