How much to pay!

A friend of ours is a roofer & want’s to do a complete tear off on our garage. It’s 15x25 & he will let us know exactly what supplies we need. What we need to know is how much is enough to pay him for the job? He won’t give us an amount. Just say’s throw him a couple bucks. With that I would toss him $2.00…lol. I don’t want to insult him by paying him to little. Im not looking for an exact amount…but something along the lines of how much an hour…any kind of indication would be great. Oh I don’t think he will be removing the debris…that may be on us since he is doing this on the side. Thanks for any help…

If hes paying for supplies around here 900 for a side job.

if you are just paying him for the labor, then $400-500 is good pay.

$250-300 would be a “buddy deal”

im with agape

wow im doing a 3.5 sq flat roof tommorrow for 800.
so 400 would be fine for labor.


I just had 16 sq laminates with 2 24’ metal valleys done for $400 CAD (labour only). Worked out to approx $20 an hour. I made sure installation was done to mfg instructions, helped with the tear off, deck prep, some trimming, supplied the nail gun/compressor, handed him the shingles and made sure every nail was flat and in the nailing strip. Finished the ridge caps myself and will have to deal with disposal. I’ll be sore for a week!

A big thanks to all who provided advise. I would not have had the confidence to do it without your help.

I would consider a good pay 350 to 450 if you want to remain friends.

If you dont like him much, just throw him the two dollars :slight_smile:

I say throw him 350 and buy him lunch and a case of his choice of beer. Or you could make him lunch i always appreciated that