How to block off gable vents?

What is the proper way to close off a gable vent so it doesn’t short the ridge vent ventilation system? One roofer said he used ice and water? One said he used foam with plywood board.

Are you talking just blocking from attic side,if so then anything that will make it airtight.

Anything?Even spaghetti?Just Kidding.had to say it…Take care

from attic side you could use plywood,plastic,insulation and peel & stick,or what the other roofers said,a little common sense on makin it airtight…duct tape and plastic would work.

I disagree.

SOme say it disrupts air flow with the gable vents some say it does not. I always used a piece of plywood cut to fit and then used a high grade caulk to seal it so it does not leak any air. AIrvent states it disrupts there ridge vent, some do not even test this.


I disagree.[/quote]

I agree I have done lots of roofs w/ridgevents leaving gable vents in,some h/o have told me there house was actually cooler in summer compared to before new roof and vents,and the roof still breathed fine thru out the year :mrgreen:


There is no good reason to block the gable vents.

These links have more information on attic and roof ventilation. … -Myth.html … ation.html

you can never have to many vents properly placed

GAF wont give the Golden Pledge warranty if the gable vents arent blocked off…

Hi mayniac,

There is nothing in the GAF GP warranty that refers to blocking off the gable vents.

Is there a requirement elsewhere that states to block off the gable vents to enable the warranty?
Can you post a link to it?