How to charge,,home-owner to hire by the hr or

What would be the best way to handle this,thanks to the internet, i scored a few leads to un-burry myself, with deut, I saw an add in the craigs list, homeowner had addition built,his family helped,…his cus said he new how to shingle, well, no he did not… the roof was installed wrong, the homeowner did not care , just wanted the roof to be dryed in ,finished etc, we did finish the roof how-ever there are still a few things that need to be re done or finished… i was paid somethin like 30 pr hr, I brought my helper ,took 3 and 1 half hrs, still at the time we had no work… Now he wants me to come back and finish fixing what we can, re-step flash the walls,add starter and first cource, ( no over hang ) add tyvec, He said he will pay the 30 pr hr or i can bid on all the work, well there is alum siding, all has to be put back, the roof is a 7 or 8 -12 and he also wants the siding priced out .the whole house is alum,thing is, 30 is not enough, to cover me and my helper, but I dont want to loose the work, I feel I can make more just pricing out the whole job but there is so much bull shit, redoing other peoples work done wrong!!!But I need the work… also this person had us there last week, now one week later, he is asking ,do we want the job ! point is, what happened to the last week ?yes now that more snow and bad weather are here., he couldent find anyone else ? well this post is kinda long, help with what ever you can…


Get paided $30 an hour for each of you. Or tell him $45 for you and $15 for your helper.

Paid in full at the end of each day.