How to collect

Im new to the biz and have not encountered this problem yet…what would you do??
I sub contracted a crew to install a GAF-timberline architectural shingle roof in nov. the homeowner was unhappy because some of the shingles in the front section of the house didn’t lay flat right away. I explained it just needed some time to lay down and adhere, it would not be a problem. Homeowner waited a few weeks then claimed he had a private inspector look at the roof who told him it was a manufacturers defect.
I said fine, I’ll help you through the warranty recovery process. The homeowner since then has refused to pay (he owes $3k) and will not answer or return calls. It’s a rental so I don’t know where he lives.
Question to you is how can I get my money from him if he won’t pay? Any suggestions other than sueing?

slap a lien on the building if its not already to late. Then check with thr registrar of deeds , they send a tax bill somewhere. This is public information & they can not withold it. Next time make certain you have a mailing address & i ALWAYS get a down payment from a landlord, I get his info off the check ( unless paid by Credit Card ) & record the bank info on my copy of the contract. You have liitle choice but to file a suit against him/her if he doesnt pay, other then filing a lien which is likely to late ( varies from state to state). Check with tenant to see if they can give you an address ( they send the check somewhere ). Good luck

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Thanks, I figured that. I did get a down payment of half, but he won’t give up the rest. 1 more question, who do I call to put a lien on it?

An Attorney

In the past I have gotten someone to pay just by dropping by their house and talking to them in person. You can find out where they live and take someone along with you. Assuming you have a contract, you will no doubt have to take them to court if they refuse to communicate with you.

Demand this “Private Inspector’s” copy of defective product.

Call your local rep and get the roof inspected by GAF Filed Inspector based on the private inspectors findings.

Mich is right, get the owners address from the register of deeds. File small claims suit and have the owner served by the Sheriff.

November may have been late in the year for proper sealing, although we install to 20 degrees and no problems with GAF sealing.

You remind me of myself 16 years ago when my first ever customer did not pay for the roof work. It was partly my fault as i had grown accustomed to this being a non issue with my company after having already been in business for several years and experiencing no such issues. Also it was a fairly large amount of money at the time around $8,500 labor and materials. And it was in a run down area of town, so i should have known to get a deposit or at least have her pay for the materials. I bought all the materials and personally worked with the crew on the roof directing the job for 4 full days. ( Job was a full roof replacement, multiple layers to remove on an 8 and 12 slope and redeck entire house. ) I was also new to what is known as the city rebate program. The city will help low income homeowners who qualify pay for a new roof. When we finished the job she gave me a check from the city for $1,000 and said she don’t know why they only sent $1,000 and will have to contact them to staighten it out. Turned out that due to her income she only qualified for the $1,000 and that was IT. I took some advice and immediately hired an attorney. He filed a lien against the property and a civil suit to enforce the lien. He found out she only owned a third of the property with two other siblings and that they owed more than they could pay in property taxes. About two years later a bank bought the property at a government auction and paid off my lien to gain sole legal ownership of the property and my attorney sent me a large check that really hit the spot if you know what i mean.