How to conduct smoke test?

I’m still toying with the idea of blocking off my ridge vent and adding the power ventilator. But a neighbor here in south Florida told me hers got ripped off in a bad storm. So now I’m thinking twice. I’d like to assess what if any flow I’m getting out of that brillo pad of a ridge vent I have. How do I do the smoke test? Nina

Before you burn your house down :smiley: , read this and do a little research. … /index.htm

It’s much more complicated than a simple smoke test.

Impressive Dennis. Not as quite as impressive as my calculations for my Thermo-dynamic nuclear geometric snarfblaster that runs on Dr. Pepper though!

Eat your heart out DaVinci!

Isn’t there a smoke bomb I can use to see if anything is coming oyt of the ridge vent? I wasn’t planning to build a fire in the attic for gods sake.
Heres a site that sells what your looking for.
You want the smoke powder type. In my past experiences the ridge vents with the mesh bug filter clog after awhile just like a furnace filter would.
Go in the attic with a light. Close the access point.
And simply puff the powder a few feet below the ridge and see if it gos out. Probably not the most scientific but you will know if its flowing or not.
If you decide to use a power vent make sure its screwed or bolted to the deck not just roofing nails to hold it down.

Much more simple to close off the ridge vent before installing the power fan. IF you need to do a test, now is not the time. Wait till after the power fan is in because it’s going to be moving much more air than is being moved now, so a smoke test at this point is premature imo. … kebomb.htm

I think she wants to see if the ridge vent is working now to possibly avoid doing the fan.

If you have a “brillo pad” type ridge vent I assure if you it isn’t already clogged up it wiil be shortly. It doesn’t take but a few years for them to clog. If you do install a power vent and it is properly installed it shouldn’t blow off in a storm. I would suggest an exterior baffled ridge vent.


Sun up = fan moving.

Thank you. I will now go to bed as it’s 0442 hrs cst.

PS: Yes, block the ridge vent prior to fan activation if you want maximum “proper” air flow.

Why would you close your ridge vent for a power vent,
you must have a reason?

Because then the Ridge Vent would be turned into an intake vent when the PAV is operating.

Weather can infiltrate the attic, if it happens to be rainy or snowy, if they are using the variety that has a humidistat also.