How to fasten felt and shingles in tight spaces where nails cannot be used

I am building a shed next to my house (not attached). A 2 foot square section of the shed roof is underneath a stucco overhang of the house. I cannot get in there to nail the sheathing, tar paper or asphalt shingles down. I can fasten the sheathing down from below using fasteners. But for the tar paper and shingles? What type of glue, tar, etc. should be used to keep them in place?


Also cannot nail drip edge so need to address that as well.

Palm nailer is the only way to nail it. When the palm nailer no longer fits, we glue with roof cement
These spots are not prone to blow offs.


Most roofing glues I’ve seen are labeled for the repairing of roofs. Is there a specific kind or brand that I should be looking at? Something from a Home Depot or Lowes? Thanks!

Any roof cement should work. Smear a few big dots on the shingle and carefully slide it up. Your gonna make a mess, but you can’t see it anyway.

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Thanks! Same for the felt and drip edge? Thanks!

The drip edge you need to nail as high as you can. Same with the felt. I wouldn’t use any cement on the felt or under the drip edge. How big of a spot are we talking about?

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It’s about 2 foot square area…give or take. It’s all just a few inches under a stucco overhang: 3-4 inches at the front…and maybe an inch at the back. I can nail the drip edge down to that point…and use roofing staples all around. But I’d like to affix the roofing felt down somehow…and then the shingles on top of them…and not have it look too funny.

The shed is at the bottom of a set of stairs so it will be seen by folks going down into the backyard…else I wouldn’t care so much about it.

We normally do it how patch described. You could used self adhered underlayment in that area and cement the shingles to that if you are really concerned.


Do you have any pictures of the area? Say from like 10’ away?

I do have pictures. Not sure how to post them though. I’ll figure that out and post a couple in a bit.

Here is one picture…

I wouldn’t worry too much on that small of a spot. Nail the paper around it as best you can, the shingles will hold it down otherwise. Are you planning on flashing the walls at all? If it’s just a little shed roof, a surface mount just caulked to the wall would be more than sufficient

The shed doesn’t have walls at this point (probably never will) and I’m doubting much water would ever hit that area because of the overhangs from above, etc. This shed is for canoe, kayak and outdoor stuff storage…so it doesn’t really need to be water tight. So I doubt I’d use flashing. But because of there being only a few inches between the shed and house…I probably won’t be able to nail part of the ‘ridge’ shingles down. Not sure if I’m terming that right. My concern is the topmost shingle that would fold down over the top of the roof and be essentially parallel to the house.

You are going to need some sort of headwall flashing.