How to flash around existing electrical service mast?

What would be the best method to add flashing around an electrical service mast that goes through a 3in12 shingled roof? It isn’t possible to slip a new boot/flashing over it (the wires are in the way…).

The electricians slipped a neoprene boot ONLY over it when it was installed, the boot just sits on top of the shingles.

I have seen retrofit boots that clamp around pipes, but they seem to be for flat roof use only.

Also, there is a large screw eye in the roof attached to aircraft cable supporting the mast. What to do about this?

How should I proceed? Any advice would be most welcome.

hey harry.
you can make a small picth pan around the pole and fill with tar .
you can split a 3" lead boot and wrap it around the pole.

i dont understand about the cable holdin up the mast.


I use a clamp around type boot for those masts, and anything I will shingle (4/12 or greater) ha had no problems yet.

The cable…is the weight of the electria=cal line pulling the mast over, therefore requiring the aircraft cable for support?

  1. leave the old one on ice and water around it paint it if it is kinda rusted. Or just buy a new boot and cut the top part with snips and place it around the pole rivit it in two places where cut seal it with silver or light gray caulk and shingle away. thats all you really can do if you removed the old one or it needs to be replaced,as for the wire if there is a lot of tenchion on it, then it is needed and must stay, remove for the sake of the new roof and be sure to put it back in the same area or the same hole but at this point the hole might be a little striped or not as tight so put near the same spot and make sure you hit a rafter or it wil come loose.good luck

We manufacture a flashing, made from galvanized steel, that spins open to allow the flashing to slide around an electric service conduit, and then spin closed.

It will work fine on any roof slope between 3 & 12 and up to 10 & 12. Use caulk on the seams on slopes below 3 & 12.

For flat roof installations the seams should be soldered closed.

We also make storm collars for the 1.0", 1.5" and 2" conduit mask sizes that counter flash the flashing and make the assembly look nice and stay waterproof.

Our company All Style Industries, LLC. calls this new flashing a “Retro-Spin” flashing.

Here is a link to photos so you can see how it works.

Or call me, at 866-557-1225. We can solve your problem.


Thanks to all for the replys!

And to clarify, local code requires a guy wire when the mast is over a certain height. This is stainless aircraft cable attached near the top of the mast with a ring and bolt clamps, then looped through a large screw eye (threaded through the shingles into a rafter) and fastened with another bolt clamp. There seems to be very little tension on the cable right now.

I’m guessing the best way to approach this would be to unclamp the guy wire, unscrew the eye, reshingle, thread the eye back in, caulk around it (??) and reattach the cable.

Any other ideas? Useful products for this? Thanks!