How to get in on big apartment and condo projects

Looking for some advice here guys. There has been a lot of big project work going on in my area, such as apartments and condo communities. It seems like it’s the same group of contractors bidding on them.

Can anyone shed some light on how to get my company on that list? We do a good bit of advertising and get a lot of calls for residential single family work but I’d love a piece of the big jobs.

Thanks in advance

I keep up the repairs on several communities go to occasional HOA meetings when there are recurring issues. Stay in their loop and get reroofs and insurance replacements.
Treat them fairly keep the issues repaired until they have the funds.
One that I have been tending to for several years announced that they will be reroofing the community this year. Otherwise I keep them fixed, clean the gutters a couple of times a year. Also do their ceiling repairs.

That is great advice thank you!

This might be a stupid question but how do you get into the HOA meetings?