How to get licensened, insured and bonded in Ohio?

:? HELLO EVERYONE!! My boyfriend has been self employed for a guy for 20 years. He recently let him go so now he wants to start doing some work on his own. However he knows he needs to get licensed, insured and bonded or at the least, insured. Can anyone tell me where to start this process, who to call and how to go about it. He was covered but just under the guy he was subing for and now needs to get his own going.

Your boy friend was self-employed by his employer?
Your boyfriends employer subbed work to him?

Well the insurance will cost a ton out of the hole. Atleast 10k to start if im not mistaken. Could be wrong but its what i remember. He will have to get in touch with the state to find out where he takes the test for the licence. Then there is advertising and all that goes with starting a business. I would caution him on this. With all the storm chasers and con artists in ohio from what i hear getting proffitable work is be at a low venture. Have him post here because there are alot of unknowns

He worked for him on his crew for the last 20 years. He was considered self employed though… on a 1099.