How to get paid FAIRLY for my piece work

Hey everyone im new here and tgis is my first post. I am a roofer im 35 been roofing since i was 16. I am having a huge problem with my boss right now. He is payimg us what he thinks is piece rate but i dont think it is. I work with four other guys we get paid $65 a square. That’s 32.50 to tear it up and 32.50 to install it. The biggest problem I am having with it now is that we pull together the $65 a square and split it between the four guys. My biggest problem with that is that I am installing more than 50% of the shingles myself because of my experience and I can just do it fast. so the guy cleaning up the ground who doesn’t even install one square gets paid for the squares I lay. So in all actuality I am only making like 10 to $15 a square because other people are getting paid off of my work. My boss can’t figure out how to pay each individual guy for what they install because there’s more to Roofing than just laying squares such as running drip edge drying in woodwork Etc. I don’t want to quit the other guys are getting paid off of my hard work and it’s driving me crazy I am killing myself to make their paycheck and I think it’s BS. Does anybody know the rates for running metal or running drying by piece rate standards? I am in Florida and I know region to region it’s different. I don’t want to quit my job cuz I do like working for them he doesn’t take on any cut up roofs everything we do is a 4-12 pitch all the easy ones and I have bad knees and a bad back obviously from this business so I like the easy roofs. I left one time before went to a different company for a week and he begged me to come back so I did. Something has to be done I just want paid for work I do how can I accomplish that? I know a lot of guys that shave their ULs off of the bundles but that does not accomplish me getting paid for the medal I run or the drying I run. Any help or anybody in Florida that has a reference to how each material is paid for by piece rate please help

I wish I had a good answer for you but I don’t. I spent a few years working in Florida and had the same issue. No employer want to pay hourly as you never know how much of your day will be spent waiting for super unreliable inspectors to show up. If you pay by the sq and don’t split then it will cause fighting between employees as every person will want to do the simplest section and no one will want to do any flashing or drip edge.

I guess if it was me I would want to be a one man show and do the jobs completely by myself in such a situation.

On piece stuff in Ontario we do it a bit different. Bundle rate for installation and hourly for ripping, preping,flashing work. Not sure if that would work in Florida with your crazy codes.

Yes we do have alot of codes thanks to hurricane andrew in 92 and the miami-dade system in place now. Island rooding thanks for your quick reply and as far as employees fighting over the easiest section, i am the foreman and i would put my guys in a spot according to skill, the slowest guy on the easiest and i would always put myself in the hardest spot cause i can jam no matter where i am really. And patch thanks for ur input man. I like the hourly idea for ripping but hourly pay seems to leed guys into being milkmen. Before i came to work here my boss was paying hourly and they would take two weeks to do a 30 sq roof! That just isn’t profitable. I think i have my boss sold on the idea of making two crews, install crew and tear off crew. I got two GOOD guys besides myself that can really bust out some squares. The three of us laid 27 sq in 6 hours thursday. They were dimensionals so that obviously goes a little faster. But anyways thanks again. If anyone from Florida has a reply i woyld be glad to hear it. There has to be a linear foot price for installing metal and a price to install each roll of resisto( peel and seal secondary water resistance) which i believe u yankees call ice barrier? Lol? Anyways thanks again

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A set price schedule for things like flashing, I+W, valleys etc would be fair to you and the boss.