How to install zinc strips

I have a house that sits in the shade, in the woods. There’s a lot of moss and mildew growing on parts of the roof. I’d like to buy zinc strips from Home Depot and place them along the top ridge. Can someone tell me the best technique to attach it to the roof so it won’t corrode at the attach points, and not blow away from wind? The roof is about an 8 by 12 pitch with architectural dimensional shingles.

They don’t work.
Maybe keep algae off the two shingles under it.

But if you insist.
You install the strips before you install
Your cap shingles.
Pop your straight line for your cap shingles.
Install strips
Install cap.

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Unfortunately, I’ll be installing it on an existing finished roof. I’m not sure how much needs to be tucked in under the cap shingles - half?. Plus, should I use a shallow nail or (ordinary) staple gun it? I can imagine the staples may not last long. I’d hate to put a nail that close to the bottom edge of the cap shingles, but I can use a short nail so it wouldn’t go through the decking, only the shingle. Or should I use roofing cement only?

I’ve heard these strips help on mossy roofs, even if you don’t clean the roof. I’ve seen plenty of pictures on line and examples in the neighborhood where the drip path down from galvanized flashing leaves the shingles mildew-free.

Like RoofLover said the zinc strips don’t work and they certainly don’t work on existing roofs that already have moss & algae on them.

Copper strips however do work and should be exposed 2" and placed every 10’ up the roof.

You still need to remove the existing moss & algae.