How to remove old rain diverter from shingled roof

I have an old rain diverter that was installed about 10 years ago over my front entry door. I need to remove it. Cannot find any info about the steps in this process (lots of info on how to install, but not remove). Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to damage the roof by doing something dumb. Thanks!

It is entirely dependant upon how it is installed, it’s likely surface mounted and will need some shingles replaced after removal.

You can use to post pictures

Thanks for the quick reply Axiom. It is a piece of sheet metal that has the forward end rolled over to form the diverter and the other end has been slid under a line of shingles and when I lift those shingles I see it has been roof-nailed in place with what looks like a dab of some roof adhesive on the nail heads.

Here is a link to picture of the diverter over my door:


All you need to do to remove the diverter is carefully lift the shingle & remove the nail holding it in place.

Put nails back in the holes and put a dab of plastic cement/tar over them.

Thanks a lot. I figured I could just pry out the nails carefully to remove the diverter, but I wouldn’t have thought to put them back in to help seal the holes back up before re-applying the dab of roof tar. Great tip!

First article when I asked how to remove diverter. Glad I read it. Thanks!