How to set up for a gambrel?

Hello, I am a homeowner who would like(read need) to remove and replace my roof. While I know hiring a reputable company would be wise and convenient, it is not possible at this time. fianances simply do not allow. I have completed roofing projects(small house, sheds, porches), in the past and enjoyed the process and the results. problem here is this is a tall house - a 3 story with the 3rd story under the gambrel roof. there are two large dormers. basically it’s a large barn with a dormer on each side.

the various pitches are:

main roof 17.15 in 12 sections go up to 6.34 in 12

dormers 6.9 in 12

there are 4 of each section
so my question is how would you set up access for such a house and allow for proper safety? thanks in advance for any advice and a great forum. greg

post pics

Used to do those 21/12 barn roofs with a 2x4 before I knew better, lol.

ah far more nerve than I. I’ll get pics up asap. thanks

Ok, without pics I will say you can either work off a ladder and nail till you can’t reach any higher then extend the ladder up some more, rinse and repeat. The barn style roofs I have done were usually too high for that though so your best bet is to aquire some roofing brackets. I like the “Super-6” slaters bracket; it works well for any pitched application. The only problem is that they are only level to around a 16/12 pitch. If you go steeper than that you will need to block them with wood from behind to make up the difference.
I would strongly advise reconsidering doing it yourself. A high mansard is no joke and that money you save won’t be worth being crippled or dead.

On a gambrel like a mansard its critical to chalk your lines so you have a nice even reveel at the transition. to break up the transition we usually have a drip edge or trim detail.lately we have been using a lot of PVC trim like Aztec or Permatrim. We put it up with white headed stainless nails. we have been doing a lot of rake trim and facia with this material as well. great stuff


nothing worse than a roofing crew that ends up with shortie or cockeyed courses.
pisses me off as bad as a sloppy cut rake edge. Remember the seven P’s
proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Love the seven P’s!
I’m an experienced DIY also, but wouldn’t try that one. Safety should bne your primary concern.
Remember falling never hurts, it the landing that gets ya.
Good luck on this!

here are the best pics I can get. I have water infiltration at 4 points, very inadequate ventilation, and some other issues. I believe it needs tear off(2 layers), over deck with 1\2 cdx, ridgevent and? and 50 yr. gaf. not sure about the valleys, has open valleys with asphalt roll - all which are failing. all responses are appreciated. greg

what part of the country are you? this roof is going to be on the higher degree of dif. even for a good DIY’er. yes you need to tear off.

Ok the pitch isn’t that bad, looks like 12/12-14/12 from that angle. If you are really dead set on being stubborn and DIY then what you need to do is find a local boy or two with experience that will do the steep part up to the transition. Then you and your uncle Bob get up and knock out the cake 5/12-6/12 up top.

for you,rent pipe scaffolding to get to the gutter,use adjustable roof brackets w/osha planks,get a ridge anchor(or two)and set up some ropes and safety gear,from there it`s cake—i would use a pick and poles but the pipe scaffold is safer for you—oh and call your life/disability insurance agent,and make sure your premiums are paid up to date :wink:

the pic might be deceiving, I’m measuring the steep section closer to 17 in 12. i’m in northeast Penna. near Wilkes Barre. checking in to scaffold availability. I worry more about the tear off tan the install as I like to tear off from the top down. never heard of a ridge anchor, sounds like a good idea - where can you get one?

I think RG is referring to safety harness set up with the roof anchor.

You can order a fall arrest kit here:

you can also check with your local roofing supplier. just remeber…water runs down hill!

exactly tarmonkey :wink:

bradco or home depot