How will you respond to this email?

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hen this thing happens

At least you got a response. Usually, you just never hear back from the potential customer. Your response should be to thank them for letting you give them a quote. Ask for a referral.


You’re very welcome, if there is anything we can do for you in the future let us know.


Exactly . Some people don’t even respond .

I thank them for the reply. I also ask them what the determining factor was in them making that decision. Helps me figure out what might have gone wrong or what I could change in the future on other prospective jobs.


i think the best way to respond to this is…" if you really appreciate my time and prompt service can you please extend to me the same professional courtesy which we have extended to you by giving us your feedback so we can do better next time." Why did you choose the other company, was it our pricing, reputation, the sales person or products offered?" If you can be so kind to give us some specific feedback it would be greatly appreciated. then this email must be followed up by a phone call stating the same and try to figure out why they went with the other roofer. I did this one time because i was so disappointed that i lost an apartment complex after working so long on the proposal. I was surprised when they said i lost the bid, my numbers were close enough but the other company offered a 5 year labor warranty mine was two years. You can also follow by phone and ask what were some other the factors in consideration that led them to choose the other company? We just want to improve so we can do better next time im sure you understand…

This was written in a manner that politely states “we went another direction” and now please go away. Expecting an answer that will enrich your business is shortsighted and expecting to open a dialogue is an exercise in frustration. They replied and you should acknowledge their decision and move on. If you do not move on, you will start on the path of frustration and self doubt. When that happens, it’s toxic and will throw off your momentum by making you fixate on something you’ll likely never get an answer to.

Society today has taught us to never be confrontational. You will never hear the truth, you will hear a carefully crafted vanilla statement and if you come back, you will be seen as hostile. The decision is already cast, time to move on.

The best reply is. " I appreciate your willingness to get back to me and I wish you great success with your decision. It was our privilege to be considered in the first place. Stay well."

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I agree with Ivo and respectfully disagree with Pwhitty. I have been roofing since I barely escaped high school, literally within days of “graduation”, and have never attended or paid attention to sales classes. I do know basic human nature and would consider this follow up email to be aggressive and kind of awkward. We have maintained our reference chain with many jobs we never landed and a lot of times people referred us after experiencing a bad job from a roofer they chose over us. I have responded to these emails with gratitude for helping us with our scheduling and never once asked why we weren’t chosen. I would also find it offensive to have someone request that we “extend the professional courtesy we have shown you” by responding. They are homeowners and we are contractors. If you are into data gathering have at it but you will make potential future customers be nervous to ever come back to you. As Ivoman said, the horse has already left the barn.

I agree in this case. A simple thanks for informing us is all that is needed. There may be other cases where asking for feedback is fruitful but you have to read the mood. Which is hard in text. You also have to ask in the right way. It is much better to ask for a favor than make it sound like they are obliged to give feedback. That would just piss me off if I was the customer.

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