Hurricane "Blue Roof" Help!

So I am hoping someone here can point me where I need to go, or help me directly.
I’m a contractor doing all types of electrical and communications work. I’ve worked a couple storms during the 15 years I been in the business. Doing this, I ended up meeting some guys on the last one. Which is when I learned about this. I want to jump in on the next hurricane and do it. They went door to door, and had a truck or even a car! Full of tarps. They put them up and billed their insurance. Unless the customer wants to pay them and if so, their insurance would pay them back either way.
So, what my questions about this are the paperwork side of things. Do I just make a spreadsheet and create an invoice to bill their insurance? What all information do I need? Do you call their insurance when you get the information to verify its active and not lapsed or such? Are there any other specific forms that I need them to fill out, sign, or any of that. If I had the contact info of any of those guys I had met, I’d contact them and have them tell me how to go about it.
So that’s basically what I need to figure out. I have a couple bucket lift trucks and have my brother interested in coming and using the other as well. It seems very profitable and the work is simple clear cut. At the same time, you get to help people. This is my first post on here as I just signed up, but it seems like this is the place to be for info like this! So, help plzzzzz someone :blush::blush::blush:
P.S. I assume the price you bill is kinda up to you, I’ve heard several different prices. So that wont be a problem. Just gonna bill the average that most others I’ve read on here do.

I think the blue roof program is through the government.

If your talking about using the customer’s insurance, you may want to invest in Xactimate. Its really up to you how you invoice, but most insurance companies use Xactimate and you might be shocked at what you can get. Its worth the investment. I just started tarping roofs a year ago and get $1,500 for your basic 1,200 sq ft ranch home. I can send you a few examples or work with you directly.

I would suggest you collect the deductible up front to bank role you. I’ve never done hurricane work, but I suspect you might not get paid for up to 60 days. You also need to make sure there is wind driven damage. If the roof just leaks, it might not be covered.

I always offer to help the customer file a claim, I call from my phone, and put it on speaker phone. This deters the representative from trying to push the national vendor or if they do, you can address it. It also stops the claim rep from having your customer walk away from you and then have their ear without you near. If you have the customer file a claim they get an ear full about the carrier pushing their choice company. I program the claim phone numbers in my cell for every single insurance company I can think of. It tends to make it look like you work with the insurance company and put the customer at ease.

I would make sure your contract has direction of pay clause and maybe something about limited power of attorney.