Hurricane Ian Tile damage

Hi in the North Port area and hurricane caused some damage to flat concrete tile roof. its complete chaos with no power and businesses closed. so i may have to tackle this myself in case it rains.
I am new to roofing so forgive my ignorance.
so i went up on roof and found a few broken tiles and a broken ridge cap and one beside is loose see photo,

obviously roof will need to be inspected and professionally repaired at some point but wondering best way to put a new one one there

Your roof looks
Everything is ok.
I see no evidence of any emergency.
It looked like that before the storm.
Thats normal.
Not perfect, but normal.
Not unusual to see the mortar cracking where it meets the hip cap pieces.

thnx the actual mortar in that area actually dislodged and was 1/2 way down the roof and i just manually stuck the mortar back in place here is pic. can i just re mortar it, supplies are so low that only option is bag of portland cement or silicone. The ridge caps were nailed thankfully.

Yes, that is what i would recommend.
Only walk on the bottom laps of the tile.
Dont put any weight on the center of a tile.
A heavy person can cause a lot of damage.

Slide that mortar piece back in with some additional.
See if you can find some “RT600”
So you can fix it with a caulking gun instead of carrying a bucket up with you.

ok thnx, i have have been delicate . theres probably 10 or so cracked tile, who knows if hurricane related, 1/2 are vertically cracked down middle and 1/2 are small corner overlaps, is there any need to replace the tile if the corner crack if its just on the overlapping part?
also i went to roofer store yesterday they said osi rt600, is discontinued and they use tite bond now

No need to worry, if the underlayment was done correctly you should bexin no danger of leaks, looks like it’s pretty much a cosmetic deal