Hybrid approach to combining adhesive Mod bit and torch on modbit

I learned how to do modbit torch on using a product called Soprema Traffic Cap, which is a top layer that can go down over existing weathered mod bit or over a base layer for new construction. Traffic Cap has screws fastening down the edge prior to torching the two edges togethor. The problem with Traffic Cap is that by piercing the substrate membrane then if the top layer leaks then it will pool between the layers and eventually find one of the screw holes to pour down into the living space.

So instead of using screws to fasten the Traffic Cap down, I wanted to learn what would be the adhesive to use to try gluing it down instead. The Traffic Cap sheets are 8 sq meters or 80 sq feet, 3 feet wide by 26 feet long. i want to run a 10-12 ‘’ wide strip of glue down the middle of the weathered substrate layer the Traffic Cap will go over rather than the strip of screws running down the edge of the welded membrane.

Thoughts would be that the glue strip would thicken and secure the weathered top granules that are the top surface of the sub sheet; and then it would be that strip that secures the top sheet to it in a way that if water leaks though it wont get down through screw holes.

Anybody have any experience with mixing and matching flat roof techniques like this?

Thanks in adv