Hydro Stop? Anyone heard of this?

I got a quote for my flat roof and it was for Hydro Stop? They made it see so great, but I have to wonder why none of the other roofers I called were using it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You would be well advised to award the job to a roofer that doesn’t want to use a coating. What kind of roof do you have?

I have a flat roof. It’s one of those quad townhouses where we are all attached in a square. 3 of my neighbors will be getting our roofs redone, the 4th just did theirs.

If you want to have your roof done correctly, have a contractor install a new roof. Simply coating an old roof may get you a few years, but only a few. The money you spend for a coating could be better spent on a new roof. Just a thought

If you are going to have your roof coated then make sure that the contractor doesnt just go up and spray on or roll on some coatings. If they use a quality fabric reinforced or sprayed in place polyurethan foam with a quality coating, then you can expect numerous years of a trouble free roof.