I am a New Public Adjuster - Please Help Advise

Hello, I am new to this business and trying to help out my family with how a PA generally does things, please have patience with me…

any veterans please advise!!

Is this the general order of how things should be done?

  1. Send LOR , W9, and PA License
  2. Send Estimate…
  3. Receive 1st Check
  4. Job Complete
  5. Send Completion letter asking for indemnification and more money for 2nd check…
  6. Receive 2nd check, and fight for supplements?

Sounds like a poorly veiled attempt to seek customers here. If you’re APA and have to get answers to those questions from contractors, you likely made a poor career choice. We’re I a new roofer, I wouldn’t go to APA sure and ask about how to install a roof.

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What do you mean by seeking customers? Where in my post does it indicate I want to get customers? If you know about PA’s you’ll know its hard to get your foot in the door and many have to be self taught, I am struggling to find a good process as a PA, and asked other PA veterans to help out, not your criticism - Why did you reply, if not to benefit this discussion further, thanks for your 2 cents and showing us your maturity ?

Whatever. Sorry to hurt your feelings.

Pro Tip; Don’t get offended so easily.

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Just attach an LOR + Client’s agreement (contract) and send to claims dept. That will get the ball rolling. Put Claim # on everything bcuz that’s how they communicate and it saves time.

Thank you, any tips are helpful and I will go ahead and put claim # on everything thanks again

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